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A Contractor Hack is any construction method that speeds things up on a job site - or solves a problem - or does a better job than traditional methods.

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January 23, 2018 by Steve Payne

Canadian Contractor is looking for the Best Contractor Hacks.

What is a hack?

As Urban Dictionary defines it, a hack is any “clever or elegant technical accomplishment… (including those) which use tools for purposes other than that for which they were originally intended.” The word came out of computer programming – not just hacking into a system (usually illegal) but also fast and creative ways to write code that solves bugs, hangups or errors.

We define a Contractor Hack as ANY method of building (or repairing) something on a renovation or new build that uses creativity, saves time, and gets a equal or better job done than traditional methods.

If you have a Contractor Hack, please email it to editor Steve Payne (  We will publish the best ones here. And any we publish, we will send you a $100 gas card for your efforts.

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