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Edmonton's "skinny homes" beginning of a trend?

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Last year, Edmonton city council approved the subdivision of 50-foof lots to allow two detached houses on 25-foot lots. If you have "skinny" building experiences, we'd like to hear about them.

What is the market for “skinny” detached homes in big cities across Canada?  Apparently, endless.

While cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary have long permitted the subdivision of 50-foot lots to allow the building of adjacent “skinny” detached homes, many cities still allow only semi-detached homes or duplexes to be build side-by-side on such lots.

Shortly after Edmonton city council changed the rules to allow side-by-side detached units on single lots, last year, local developer Doug Kelly and homebuilder Matt Kaprowry, started building. You can learn more about what they did in this Edmonton Journal story with a cool video. The houses featured, the first two to be built under the new rules, are in the King Edward Park area of Edmonton.

These houses are 17-feet wide, with 8-feet gaps between them.  They provide 2,400 sq.ft. of living space, including the finished basements.


Kelly and Kaprowry belive that infill housing requires more imaginative approaches, and this is one of them.

Canadian Contractor wants to hear about contractors’ experiences building “skinny” on urban subdivided lots.


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