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Successful contractors know their own strengths and know when to hire a qualified sub to get the best results.  But finding the right people who meet your high standards for quality and professionalism can be a challenge.  One source too frequently overlooked is industry associations, especially for trades that don’t require professional certification.

For example, suppose you need to hire a tile installer but you’ve been disappointed by inconsistent results in the past.  The TTMAC (Terrazzo Tile and Marble Association of Canada) is a reliable source of professional installers. The association vets its members for quality of workmanship and financial stability, and requires that members follow the association’s specification guide for installation.  When interviewing a potential sub-contractor, ask if they have attended any industry or manufacturer training, education and skills development programs.

Hiring sub-contractors can be risky business – industry associations that set standards can help mitigate some of those risks.  And, if you are dis-satisfied with the installer’s work you can go to the association and request a job site inspection.  If the installer’s work is deficient, he will be subject to review by the association.  This gives him one more reason to perform on your site.

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