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"My Worksafe BC assessment for commercial refrigeration and A/C is $1.76 per $100. How does that compare?"

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We are working on a story on different worker's comp rates, in different areas of the country (where applicable). We invite you to post your comments and, if you wish, your rates.

Anyone that wants to post their rates for worker’s comp, to add to this discussion started by B.C. contractor Derek Kite, please do so.

“I’m curious what the rates are. I just got my assessment for 2015 from WorksafeBC. I’m commercial refrigeration and a/c, and my net rate per $100 is $1.76. How does that compare to Ontario or other provinces? I got an adjustment down of 30 cents due to claims history (none).”




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10 Comments » for "My Worksafe BC assessment for commercial refrigeration and A/C is $1.76 per $100. How does that compare?"
  1. Re Derek Kite in BC. We are in the residental A/C trade in the province of Ontaio. Our rate is 4.19 per $100. With a good record. Count yourself lucky.

  2. Maranda says:

    Re Derek Kite in BC. We are in residential concrete (flat work) in Ontario. Our rate is $9.10 per $100. We also have a good record with no accidents or injuries to date. This is extremely tough for us a small business. We have potential to hire more employees but with the rate this high we can’t afford to grow our business.

  3. Terry says:

    I am in the window and door sales and intsall buisness in ontario, clean record $10.25 per &100.00

  4. Danny says:

    I’m an electrical contractor in BC my base rate is $2.25 / $100
    My net rate after 15 years in business with a clean record is $1.37 / $100
    39% discount
    5 years ago I was paying around $0.90 / 100 with a 31 % discount.
    Its going up faster then my discount.

  5. Richart says:

    When we submit our monthly WSIB form we have to calculate how much in wage we have paid in 3 categories. Because we are a renovation company that does multiple tasks we have to submit as such. We have a clear record of accidents for approx. 10 years. our rates for carpentry work is 9.10, rate for siding etc. work is 10.25 and roofing is at 14.80. I have asked to put our bookkeeping staff at a lower rate as an accountant would pay but WSIB rejected that and said that I have to claim them for a minimum carpentry rate as we are a renovation company. Funny how they want us to separate for the guys in the field but not the office staff

  6. Matt Seiling says:

    I’m a flooring contractor in Ontario 9.3 %.
    My personal insurance is WAY lower than that and does 300% more coverage. Perfect record as well.

  7. Marten Burghgraef says:

    Just found out that we are getting a discount in Jan. Down to $8.50/100. We do both residential renos and commercial new construction as a sub contractor, mostly doors and hardware. I have to pay the same for my wife although she is only on a job site once in a while, say once every week or two sometimes helping other times deliveries. Otherwise she looks after the accounting. Go figure.

  8. Bryan says:

    Residential renovations in Ontario with a clean record – 9.10%

  9. Bob2 says:

    Man on man, the robbery in Ontario is down right scary, operating a business in Ontario makes less and less sense every day.

  10. kitman says:

    9.10 % for kitchen installers which is steep, but also 9.10% for a kitchen designer who might get a paper cut. Private insurance would be way more comprehensive for the same cost.

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