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Ontario College of Trades compulsory trades fees announced: Opponents respond

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The Ontario Construction Employers Coalition, which is leading a grassroots campaign against the College, says the fledgling governing body is nothing but a way to "tax" the province's tradespeople.

The Ontario College of Trades – a new “regulatory body” for the province’s tradespeople that will teach no courses and train no workers – has announced the membership fees that it will begin collecting in April 2013. Apprentices will have to pay $60 to the College, journeypersons and employers, $120. These fees will be levied on top of any existing licensing or Certificate of Qualification fees that Ontario tradespeople already have to pay.

In the home improvement industry, four trades are “compulsory” (i.e., these trades “must” pay, with as yet unknown consequences if they don’t): electricians, plumbers, sheet metal workers and air conditioning/refrigeration mechanics. Carpenters are not yet “compulsory.” Nor yet are any other homebuilding trades beyond the four mentioned. But opponents of the College are warning that, in the years ahead (or earlier) the College is almost certainly going to take over more and more trades of the 157 that it is monitoring, representing 500,000 Ontario workers. The vast majority of whom already pay licensing fees to other regulatory bodies that will continue to exist.

Most of the anti-College publicity so far has been driven by the Coalition of Ontario Construction Employers, which says it represents over 100,000 Ontario tradespeople and employers.  In a press release, it says new fees announced last week “by the McGuinty government’s newest bureaucracy amounts to a major tax hit on both tradespeople and consumers.” The Coalition says the fees will drive up a host of consumer service costs, from a hair cut to hiring a plumber, electrician and auto mechanic.

“There’s no question this new McGuinty government bureaucracy is as secretive, disorganized and undemocratic as ever,” said Sean Reid, Chair of the Coalition. “They’ve been stalling for months now on this multi-million dollar tax grab that slams tradespeople and consumers, and yet they still haven’t bothered to explain what tradespeople will get in return. That’s because there is no benefit. It is money for nothing.”


“The reality is that it will cost tradespeople more to do their jobs, employers more to create jobs, and consumers more for a range of services. And the money is all going to support another layer of government bureaucracy that no one needs or wants,” he says.

The Ontario College of Trades, for its part, says that the fees it is levying are good value for the affected trades, since one of the College’s functions will be to provide a way for the public to know if a trade they have hired to work on their homes is “in good standing.”

In addition, the College has said that it will play a major role in attracting young people into the skilled trades at a time when so many skilled workers are retiring. But the College has not announced any details on how it will actually do this nor what that would cost.

The College has a head office on Bay Street in downtown Toronto. Currently about 60 workers are employed there. Bob Guthrie, the College’s registrar, has told Canadian Contractor that this number may triple as the college gets up to speed. The College’s budget is about $22-million for 2013, provincially funded. That burden will soon pass to the tradespeople of the province.




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65 Comments » for Ontario College of Trades compulsory trades fees announced: Opponents respond
  1. Michael Gray says:

    Once again another layer of bureaucracy, how else can they create jobs ? They have know idea how to get this Province working again, so their idea is to create more tax grabs, and hire more employees to boost their numbers of jobs created. 100,000 strong, lets make sure they hear us !!!

  2. Andre Rochon says:

    If no one pays t he new tax and we all rebel, maybe someone will listen.

    • Robert Perron says:

      You could not be any more correct with your statement.Good for you Andre,and every tradesperson whom refuses to pay these idiots for nothing.

      • Joe says:

        Yet again another tax grab and another try at getting everyone “organized” I have a feeling that if we ALL refuse to pay, they will have to think things over.Do all that you can to support your co-workers and fellow contractors.I for 1 will not pay for this.

  3. Paul Denys says:

    I have working in renovation as a carpenter since 1984 (licenced 1988) and running my own business since 1989. My grandfather and uncle were electrian for Canada Electric since the sixties. My other uncle was sheet metal worker. My Great grand father was a foundry worker in Toronto. His brother was a mason. Coming up on to my 30 year anniversary in the renovation business. Apparently I will not be qualified to work in the province of Ontario unless I pay the college their fee. Back off!

    I do not need more bureaucracy or certification to ever widen the gap between the under table people and me.

  4. Luc Charles says:

    Yet again another tax grab and another try at getting everyone “organized” I have a feeling that if we ALL refuse to pay, they will have to think things over.Do all that you can to support your co-workers and fellow contractors.I for 1 will not pay for this.

  5. Greg Paterson says:

    And the Government wants to know WHY the underground economy is alive ?
    I currently pay to run my one horse service business the following fees.
    – Refrigeration & A /C license
    – Gas fitter 1 license
    – TSSA ( which by the way send no info except to explain a fee increase or
    audit )
    – liability insurance ( based on gross sales – what a joke! )
    – now Ont College of Trades fee
    – also WSIB effective Jan 2013 ( holy cow this could turn into an annuity for
    those of us in our later years w/ pain from working in the trade )
    I’m fed up ! Guess I”ll back off, get out of Bus and live simple, that should rely
    stimulate the economy and educate our youth ………. I’ve had it !!!

    • Robert Koci says:

      Greg: You and thousands of trades who are tired of supporting salaries in safe, easy jobs in the public service deserve better.

    • David says:

      Great to hear you served your apprenticeships in A/C/Refrigeration and Gas Fitting. With the demand and shortage of skilled certified trades you will be making a very good living and be part of the middle class.
      After being ripped off by uncertified persons I now only hire certified people and even ask them questions to be sure they actually know the trade and not just wrote a ticket from memorizing. Been ripped off too many times.

  6. bill britton says:

    You say that one reason for the College and the fee increase is so that the comsumer will be able to check and see if they have a legitimat tradesperson. Explain to me how Ontario Hydro issues a permit without a valid licence? Why don’t you just be honest and say “it’s a money grab”.

  7. Rina Ho says:

    I’m fully unaware of all of this. I really think they should explain themselves before asking a single penny! Thanks a lot for the informative post.

  8. Doug Leitch says:

    I would like to know why we will not be able to reveiw the budget for the College of Trades for 2013 which is now in place. It will be our memebrship fees that will be paying to fund this college of tardes, so with that said I believe that if we are going to be forced to pay the annual membership fees without any choice then we are entitled to reveiw the budget now to see how our monies is going to be spent.
    I think that every trades person and employer needs to demand to receive a copy of the budget before you pay any fees.
    remember it is our monies not the governments or the tax payers money, it is the trade people and trade employers that will be paying this and the College of Trades need to be open and transparent. They also do have to be held accountable to us the trades people.

  9. Bob James says:

    I recieved a letter on friday introducing the College(but it’s not really a college) to me for the first time. I have been a licensed auto mechanic for more than forty years. I am five years from retirement. This college will cost all of you who decide to pay the fee they demand (or else). a lot of money as they increase thier annual fees very quickly in order to pay their rediculous salaries.
    I will likely pay both of my license fees when they come due, however I wll never pay the folks in Toronto one dollar. I wonder if that means I will finish my working years with out a license. Perhaps the guys who work with out a license in an improperly equipped shop often for cash under the table are the smart ones after all.

  10. Robert Perron says:

    I believe that all ontario tradespeople should not pay this ridiculous fee.We must stop this nonsense once and for all.Who do these clowns think they are at extorting money from hard working people,which they have no idea what a real job is.We pay taxes on taxes on taxes to pay for some lazy politician or his lazy buddies.We have earned our certification,not the lazy people who tax the crap out of everyone,and spend our tax dollars like a bunch morons whom they are.This will do nothing for tradespeople whatsoever. because we are the trained professionals,and not these idiots.We need tradespeople,fire rescue,police,and military,but we certainly would be better off if there were no politicians ever again.I cannot think of one logical reason why there is any use for politicians.If they were honest,then perhaps there may be some use for them other than sucking money out of everyone that they did not earn whatsoever.I just cannot believe how many bloodsuckers are out there,WOW.

  11. jin says:

    one or two day work stoppage see how ontario makes out with no tradersman

  12. Tim F says:

    i ready to joint skilltrades people who wont pay this tax crab. We must stop this. Too much weight.

  13. Norm J. says:

    Got my letter the other day. I just paid for my 3 year stickers for motor vehicle and truck and coach , the letter states that the $120.00 I just paid will be applied to my $120.00 membership fee. I say B.S. I never applied to be a member, as well I think they are breaching a contract. No indication was given with my notice for renewal.
    The letter states alot of B.S. let’s be realistic , who in their right mind will want to work in their trade in this province. Let’s call a spade a spade , the Liberal government has been in contempt as dishonest since the day McGuinty took power.I am contemplating telling the Colleges to pound salt, if all trades people do that where will they be , will they put us all on the register showing us as suspended. I for one will request a refund for the money I just paid .
    I agree with jin, all trades people shouls stand together and proclaim a day of protest and work stoppage to show that we have had enough of the Government cash grab.

  14. Shawn Blondin says:

    ALL forms of Canadian government have now declared WAR on Canadian citizens .Democracy is dead in Canada. The feds just anounced that your savings are no longer yours. ARE YOU PREPARED?

  15. Tony says:

    I am fed up with this government. They will not get my vote in the next election..

    • P.B. says:

      well all you sorry asses have no one to blame for this then yourselves for voting in this sick money grabbing government in and not sticking together now what? Cry about it or get together to do something about it. I have already started but I’m not going to stick my neck out for other wimps that hang back in the shadows and let others do the work and benefit from it. So are you with me or not? The trades built this country and they can certainly freeze it.

  16. Glen Martin says:

    My trade licenses went up 500% for what, to say I belong to some association, & please tell me how publishing my name and license # on their members list is going to enlighten the consumer, BS it is just another way of Big Bro keeping their hands in my wallet, if you want my ticket before I do some work for you I’ll be more than happy to show it to you, but to publicly display it on the internet is a invasion of my privacy, when I looked up my name there are 2 exact names, there is no way anyone is going to the trouble of making sure they have the right ticket # etc, there is no way of telling if the same person owns 2 tickets, and if one show up with an infraction how does the consumer know if he has the right person or someone with the same name, they will just move on and hire someone else, besides that;s why you hire a reputable company, who employs qualified licensed trades persons, carry WSIB, insurance, etc,so what is this org going to do for me ? nothing, nil, zero, nada, no matter how you say it it a big fat tax grab !!!

  17. Dwayne Meekison says:

    Ok let’s call Ontario College Of Trades what it really is :

    1: College: Noun:
    A: An educational institution or establishment, in particular
    B: One providing higher education or specialized professional or vocational “training”

    2: Union: bullshit:
    A. The act of uniting or the state of being united.
    B. A combination so formed, especially an alliance or confederation of people, parties, or political entities for mutual interest or benefit.

    The College Of Trades is not a COLLEGE it offers nothing in return for its membership fees. NO TRAINING AT ALL.
    It is in fact a UNION, an alliance or confederation of people, parties, or political entities for mutual interest or benefit.
    And their soul interest is to benefit $$$$ from the hard working trades of Ontario.

    They actually tweeted this me:
    “We will use these fees- the lowest of all 40 ON colleges- to protect consumers & support you legitimate tradespeople.”

    Duh ??? I am a “consumer” and a legitimate tradesman. And I see “NO” protect and “NO” support. Only higher fees. Which in turn will cause all trades to increase their rates. And I’ll have to pay even more for any services I need.
    So honestly. “WHO IS BENEFITTING”
    I know : the “OCOT UNION” board members. That’s who. Their making 6 figure incomes protecting me from me.

    I am a licence mechanic. I am “NOT” a member of “any” COLLEGE. And I will never join any UNION.
    So after Mar 2015 when my Valid Ontario Mechanic Licence expires. I will be joining the unlicensed sector of Ontario workers.
    GREAT JOB OCOT. WAY TO GO. FORCING PEOPLE TO BECOME UNLICENCED, instead of promoting for more skilled trades.

    • David says:

      your a licenced mechanic and therefore performed an apprenticeship for training and to give it up for a few dollars in fees. Wow! being a journeyman red seal opens you up for huge opportunities to increase your income with these new laws. I don’t believe that I would give up my red seal for a few dollars in fees.
      You will not stop the waste in government, as its as close perpetual motion as you can get..

  18. Dale says:

    So one of the trades certificates I hold is for Appliance Service Tech,I studied paid and wrote the non mandatory tests and was told I was good for life, if I get a letter asking for money I am going to rip up and throw it all in the trash.

  19. Dale says:

    Sure is making becoming a politician attractive!!!

  20. Robert Perron says:

    I just recently recieved an e-mail from Sean stating that the CCA is fighting for a reduction in our fees from $200 to $100,which in fact is incorrect from what I have recieved.Sounds a little fishy if you ask me.First,and foremost,CCA should be fighting to eliminate this fee period!.I do not understand their agenda if in fact they proclaim they are for us tradespeople,umm?Whom is CCA affiliated with anyway????Certainly raises more questions than any logical response I have recieved to date.

    Journeyman Electrician
    Robert Perron

  21. Brain Ewart says:

    Mechanics have the largest tool cost they are the lowest of all trades paid, only in the last 10 years were they able to write off the expense of tools purchased in excess of 1000.00 per year. This is just going to create less people becoming mechanics and create more of a back yard repair industry in this province. But hey someones got to pay for all the screw ups the Ontario Government have made like the gas plants and cancelled projects. Why not the lowest paid trade. BONE HEADS, All they are doing is job creation for government employees who have lost their jobs through government incompetence.

  22. Luc Charles says:

    Stick together people and refuse to pay this form of extortion.All for one.Sooner or later they will have to abolish this so called college of trades as they did with the gun registry.I guess I’ll have to vote conservative to have this tax eliminated.

  23. Cef Meza says:

    Guys I was planning to become a license mechanic but with this fee coming on I will hold my horse an keep working the way I am working, keep the money in my pocked .



  24. dean hogan says:


  25. Shane Schlatman says:

    This is just more typical money grab tactics. Gov’t doesn’t want to look after it anymore so dish it off to OCOT. Let them charge whatever they want, looks like I will get the same service I got before. Basically nothing, now they put my name on a website so people who hire me to do work IN THEIR HOMES can see if I’ve paid money.. I don’t fix a whole lot of cars in peoples houses.. I don’t even work in the auto trade at the moment but don’t want to lose my licence just in case. Thanks to the ONT GOV’T for letting someone else stick their hand into my bank account some more..

  26. norm j says:

    Got my renewal notice friday january 10/14 , $6.76 to renew for a year , monday january 13/14 get final notice , letter gets a little threatening stating if payment isn’t received within 60 days of expiration that it’s additional $120.00 to renew and my name goes on the list as not certified. Who are these morons [that took $120.00 from me last february where the misnistry of skills gave me a 3 year renewal ] that just come along and change my trade contract so they can generate revenue. I called and the girl went into this B.S. how her taxes subsidized my licence for the past years because the rate was too low. I flat out told her that bi did not recognize the college of trades and they could take a flying leap.The Mcginty and wynne government covered their bases here , the CEO is a former P.C. cabinet minister under the harris government.

    • Steve Payne says:

      Norm, what is this about the $6.76? I thought the College of Trades wanted $120 from you every year now. Can you clarify the $6.76 part. We are down at a meeting with the College’s “registrar” (they really make it sound like a real college, don’t they, not just a bunch of phones and computers compiling lists and cashing cheques) David Tsubouchi in Stratford tonight. He is doing the PR bit, I guess, for the College. We will have a report.

      • norm j says:

        I paid my $120.00 last February for my 310s and 310t tickets.3 weeks later I get my notice from the college that they are now regulating the trades.I got the invoice for renewal for $6.76 as that is the prorated amount from February 2014 until expiration in 2015. That is total bs , why renew last year under the ministry of skills for 3 years and 2 weeks later send a notice that things have changed .They should have sent the notice about the changes first rather than rip me off for a 3 year renewal that they knew would be void under the new changes.
        I did get a good lecture though on unions and how to start one when I called Monday.This was all brought about by the brotherhood of electrical workers and that two faced idiot that was premier, his replacement is just as bad.My mpp here in Niagara is of no use and tim hudak is all talk , he won’t even reply to emails , no wonder his popularity is so low and I support the PC’s. This cash cow is here to stay.

  27. Peter Bagley says:

    Is this the way to get more people into trades? Shaking my head, This is sure a way to get them out! This is a big disrespectful slap in the face to all trades people which are the very backbones of this country. I phoned this outfit that took over and asked what they will do to help us with this increase and then there was silence. It used to be $70 for three years now it’s $140 for 1 yr what a kick in the backside.I urge all trades people to flood this joke of an administration with letters, “E” mails etc Tie up your MP’s and MPP’s protest! do something, WE HAVE TO SEND A STRONG MESSAGE THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! I hope all trades people don’t just sit back and let this go because this won’t be the end and we may as well pull the grass over ourselves now.

  28. Glen Martin says:

    Peter, many of us have been fighting for well over a year and some since the day it was imposed upon us. it appears to me that the “sheeple” are resigned to the fact it is going to happen, whether it is out of laziness or lack of understand, without a mass uprising we are doomed to become another bureaucratic agency governed by friends of friend of friend all appointed by friends to plumb positions with equally generous pay cheques and benefits, go onto their site and read their balance sheet, something like 15 mil in salary etc and only 4 mil for education. etc, it appears to be structured like WSIB and we all know what a monopoly that is, that cost more to implement that it would to pay all the injured workers a proper and fair wage, again loaded with fat cat’s, monster salaries, perks, while they screw the injured worker out of his rightfully due monies !

    • norm j says:

      Even if there are no immediate plans to scrap this dictatorship imposed upon us, we can still send a strong message when we go to the polls. DON’T vote for those lying bastard – LIBERALS , Wynne is a female version of mcGuinty .Take a look at how many fees and taxes that they have imposed since they have come to power.I went from being comfortable and making a decent living to living pay check to pay check > I wouldn’t vote NDP either as they will keep the College of Trades as a revenue generator as they like to squander more of our hard earned dollars on other useless things.

  29. Sarah says:

    at least you only have to pay $120, the ECE is $150 per year and there has been no accountability of what the college is spending the money on. And yet the average wage for ECE is among the lowest in all the trades. I’m always surprised that no newspapers havn’t reported on exactly what all this money is being spent on (47,000 ECE’s paying $150 per year).

  30. norm j says:

    Well now is the time to voice your opinions and displeasure with the college of trades. We have an election and if we put our money where our mouths are we will be united in voting P.C. and not those lying Liberal Bastards. The P.C.s are vowing to scrap the college as well as the Drive Clean program.Send Kathleen Wynne and the rest of those idiots in her party packing..

    • Peter B. says:

      That fell on deaf ears, hope every one feels good having a trades person do their work now after being ripped off by our so called government! Just remember when the rates go up you asked for it.

    • P.B. says:

      but that really puzzles me , don’t anyone look at the parties history before they vote or think they just belong to them like some sports teem and don’t care how Shity they play they still support them? Da , get real people we have to vote for the party that will do the least harm to us and that’s NOT the Liberals unless you like the wind their blowing at us with those unsightly costly windmills that are not generating what they were meant to to keep our hydro costs down, but that’s another story and many more from the same party.

  31. Luc Charles says:

    As Norm J and so many others have stated, A vote for the Liberals or the NDP is a vote to sink all trades further into the abyss of the Liberal Net.We need to send a message to this brainless woman that we will not support this additional tax grab to help her pay for the Hydro 1 and OPG extravagant salaries to which we have no return.OCOT is nothing but a tax grab.Why are they renting astronomically priced rent on Bay st where they could get reasonably priced space in say Barrie or Mississauga?I say get the F@CK out before you cripple the whole of Ontario.Stop kissing your friends’ asses and listen to those who are voting .Enough already.I spoke to the elected ass in this riding, John Vanthof and he wholeheartedly supports OCOT.The guy is a farmer and he knows damn well that the only reason his vote is to keep OCOT, is to keep the unions in the NDP’s favour. I for one is voting PC.

    • norm j says:

      Guess we all got screwed last night! Just goes to show the only ones that matter and have their way is the big unions and those who are employed in the public sector. They pulled together and unfortunately common sense did not prevail . We still have the same Ass Clown in power . Can we endure another 4 years of Fiberal squandering?

    • Peter B. says:

      I agree every one give your head a shake! no who the party is in making these ridiculous laws and fee hikes. if it’s imposed on the trades people it will eventually get to the consumer!

  32. Oleber says:

    J, I think not, votes market with pencil, hum, why not using punch hole system?
    Leaves one wonder, was this election tempered?

    This festival of women in red will be short run I believe. Maybe wouldn’t last a year. The UFCW was calling none union members and some ex union for the pass then years, no longer in the union, to vote you know,,,,,. on the morning of the election day. This never took place before, I believe is unethical for unions to do that.

    The interesting part, they even call members they haven’t fought for them, when they were in employer unfair treatment, they give up on some of these employees, they lost their jobs, and after all these years, no calls, now out of no where, there comes the UFCW, united, f,,,,,, coercing, wolfs.

    The common sense will only prevail when the wallets start to get clean with all the approaching tax increase, trades fees, and all the attached bullshit.
    The 37% minority will regret this night of June 12/2014.

  33. Peter B. says:

    last year before my renewal deadline , I paid my fee renewal and received my new license which was to expire in 2016. The usual $70 for three years. I then a month later got a nasty letter from this new hair brain outfit stating I owed another $70 . I thought this was a joke untill I contacted them and they told me if I didn’t pay the additional $70 my license would expire. So instead of $70 for three years it costs me $140 for 1, WHAT A RIPOFF! For what, they are not helping the trade one ioda, just ripping the trades people off. I since then talked to two lawyers about this and they said they broke a contract but would cost me more to fight it then what I would get back. To my Canadian government– DON’T TELL ME YOUR DIFFERENT THEN OTHER COUNTRIES, SHOW ME BY HONORING THE VERY CONTRACTS YOU HAVE US PAY FOR AND SIGN! And also by developing a outfit that is entirely sole purpose is to rip off the trades and not help them. I and other trades people demand them to prove us wrong ! Not just by flapping your gums!

  34. Joe says:

    This is ridiculous why do the tradesman have to pay so much when we are the ones making the companies we work for the money. Company that hires us should pay for this stupid fee. it use to be 1/3 of the door rate for mechanics wages but now its much less. Is there a way to transfer your CoQ to another province beside Ontario? I’m NOT STAYING IN ONTARIO TO WORK ANYMORE! SCAM!

    • Peter B. says:

      It dumb founds me after the Liberals done this to us they got voted in? shaking head! I stopped voting for awhile but then thought – our service people fought and died for that right so I changed my voting strategy, Instead of trying to vote for the party with the best policy’s or promises as none really keep them or follow through. I vote for the party that will do the least harm to me.

  35. Michael S says:

    I seem to be missing something in the Liberal’s logic here…..
    If the Ontario public is clamoring for protection from unqualified tradespeople then it seems logical to me that such PROTECTION OF THE PUBLIC should come from the PUBLIC PURSE.
    I suppose that when you have stolen over a billion dollars from the same public purse just to get re-elected it is not a good plan to put a bunch of your best cronies on the sunshine list using even more public funds.

    • P.B. says:

      No your not missing anything here, there is not logic. the phrase goes, l”COMMON SENSE WON’T BE TOLERATED” the Liberal party policy is and always has been, how can I scam more money from the tax payers and let them think I’m their friend. Why do you think the feds are bringing in all these refugees? because they have a heart? or is it to secure votes for the next election? Now more from south of the boarder. I could go on and on about the damage and lies this party has and is doing to us but that’s a novel in itself.

  36. Carl says:

    Well, this is quite the government scam of the century. I am a mechanic with 3 certificates that cost me a lot of money to obtain on a minimal wage compared to other professions. We need to pay for our tools, 15 or more thousand and ongoing. I was ok with every three years paying 60$ for each licence but now every year, f,,ck that.
    I also see that my hair dresser has the same issue, bull to that.
    Now, think about this , we work on cars, homes, and hair. What about doctors, pharmacist’s and all the prestige trades, that’s what they are trades. they don’t pay a fee to the college of trades and they work on our body’s and make huge decisions on our lives, what up with that? They should be under the gun and have to renew a certificate and requalify more often than a mechanic. We fix a car, homes, and cut hair, the others I talk about work on us, what is more important?
    The way I see this is that the we are normally the lower earners, but make up a huge percentage of the workforce, they see this and are attacking us. Do you think all the doctors, dentists and high earning trades will pay? They would stand together and say we are essential, and refuse.

    • Peter B. says:

      That’s exactly why they do it because we don’t stand together and say enough shove it! people wake the f*+ up! Trades built this country and they can surely stop it!

  37. Peter B. says:

    Well it’s been 7mths since I had my meeting with the Dean review. That’s the little group headed by Terry Dean from the blood sucking Liberal party that started all this money grab on our trades. Did you all know that this province ‘Ontario is the only one hit by this insulting trade license fee increase, special ‘EH’ If your not sure what the Dean Review is about search it up. Just a waist of time if you think it will improve anything for the trades person but lighten our pockets. The only way to get this back to something fair is the vote, but that will never happen “EH” So the next time you vote look at the policies and past history or just suck it up.

  38. Peter B. says:

    January 10, 2016 at 12:10 pm

    It dumb founds me after the Liberals done this to us they got voted in? shaking head! I stopped voting for awhile but then thought – our service people fought and died for that right so I changed my voting strategy, Instead of trying to vote for the party with the best policy’s or promises as none really keep them or follow through. I vote for the party that will do the least harm to me.

    • Norm J. says:

      The unions voted in the Liberals, remember the burr up their butt and how they wanted to get rid of Tim Hudak. From what I gather they are also the reason that they started the stupid college of trades. I read it was the IBEW union. The People didn’t elect the Dumbass Premiere the unions did. Another big joke is the Stewartship program , read about how they are screwing us by misusing the environmental fees we pay on consumer products.

  39. Questo says:

    Hi Alex and Doug Leitch, regarding to the OCOT; above is a link, with the info and contact of a constitutional lawyer which may have some answers how to drag the OCOT to the courts.

    Dough, will be a good idea, challenge them, calling for all compulsory trades people to file as a class action law suite. A certificate isn’t a licence, any certified trades people is a seal prove of the respective qualification work one desires to do , wouldn’t need any licences.
    This romanism gabage needs to end.

    • P.B. says:

      I will certainly contact this person and pass on some info and hope more trades people do. by the way here is food for thought. I hold an inter provincial license, how in hell does the provincial liberals have the audacity to not recognize my red seal? Doesn’t that red seal make it a federal issue? not a provincial one. Or do they think they don’t run the same flag?

  40. J.Anthony says:

    Hi Steve,has been a long time but is this situation set in stone now,have the scammers got away with it?Total money grab.Cheers

    • Avatar photo Steve Payne says:

      Hi J. Anthony. Yes, the Ontario College of Trades is now well and truly set in stone. Thankfully, in the home renovations industry, the “compulsory” categories (i.e., you have to join) are still basically limited to electricians, plumbers and HVAC. They haven’t as YET, added in carpenters, framers, drywallers, painters, etc., etc. But give them time. Sorry we don’t have better news for you.

  41. John Nephin says:

    Ontario College of Trades is a teaching body and should have no say in enforcing or regulating of Trades as there are other goverment departments that already enforce the laws so this OCOT is just double taxing and puplic survants empire building.

  42. Norm J says:

    What now ? since the Ford Government announced that they are disbanding the College of Trades.

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