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Podcast hosts suing carpenter – UPDATE

June 8, 2021
By Patrick Flannery

The CBC is reporting that the hosts of The Construction Life podcast have dropped their lawsuit against Natasha Fritz of Natural Carpentry.

The CBC reported Tuesday that Manny Neves, Jim Caruk and the company Candelaria Pictures Corporation filed a $15 million defamation lawsuit against Fritz, a Toronto renovation contractor. Fritz posted clips on Instagram, with criticism, from an episode of The Construction Life in which hosts Neves and Caruk and a guest complain about the negative atmosphere around catcalling women from construction sites.

Jim Caruk was previously editor of Renovation Contractor magazine, which Annex Business Media, Canadian Contractor’s publisher, purchased a year ago. Caruk did not come to Annex with the acquisition and has not been involved in any way with Renovation Contractor or Canadian Contractor since that time.


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