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Point and click measuring? Stanley has an app for that!

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Stanley's new TML99 and DML99 laser distance measurers, combined with the Stanley Floor Plan App, will help you create precisely accurate floor plans without moving from a single spot in a room.

Whether you’re a builder, roofer, landscaper or flooring installer, you’ve been there. You’re on your own, your tape measure isn’t long enough and there are obstacles: Perhaps your job site is deep in mud or snow. Or perhaps you don’t really want to crawl into that attic or get up on that roof. Maybe the rooms you want to measure are filled with furniture, equipment or debris. But you still need accurate measurements in order to assemble a quote or place an order. How are you going to solve your problem?

A point-and-click measuring device from Stanley, the TLM99, will surely help. This Laser Distance Measurer makes precise measurements up to 100’ with +/- 3/32” accuracy both quick and easy, instantly measuring square footage, volume and distance. And with Bluetooth connectivity to your smart phone or tablet via the Stanley Floor Plan App, you’ll come away from a job site not only with accurate numbers, but complete floor and wall plans in either English (fractions or decimals) or metric systems for your quote of material order. And it’s so compact, the TLM99 fits in your pocket.

While you could use the TLM99 as a stand-alone laser measuring device, it’s much more powerful when teamed with the Stanley Floor Plan App., available for both Android or iOS devices. That allows you to create plans just standing in the middle or at the side of the room or site! The intuitive software takes measurements from point to point, creating a drawing of the room, roof or worksite with exact dimensions. Individual room plans can easily be linked together to create complete floor or wall plans for an entire house or building. These plans can be saved individually or merged into larger plans, and then downloaded or exported into jpg, excel or dxf files via email, social media or directly to suppliers.

The DML99 Laser Distance Measurer will available in retail stores this spring for around $149.99. The Stanley Floor Plan App will be a free download via Google Play or iTunes stores, with a $2.99 charge per plan or a monthly unlimited plan subscription of $9.99.


TLM99 w.Tablet

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