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Should Henry Bugden take this job as a "property manager?"

Canadian Contractor Profitability

In this case study, an odd jobs man gets a chance to double his income by working for a rich business magnate and his "bossy" wife. Are the red flags worth the risk? Let us know what you think.


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2 Comments » for Should Henry Bugden take this job as a "property manager?"
  1. Marten Burghgraef says:

    I like 3, take the job but be able to continue to do what you want on your own time. There would be a meeting first to discuss a few things first though. No one should be able to tell an employee what to do on their own time. That would have to be cleared up. There would have to be start and finish times. Calling at 3:00 am is out in my world. Lines of communication would have to be worked out. Is he working for the wife or Zoller? Not sure how working on his own place is a conflict, it is his company and has to answer to know one, how he spends his money is his choice.
    The other thing being how well Henry gets along with Matilida. If you are to spend half your time there you would have to be able to get along with her as well. If Henry does not see eye to eye with her then the deal would be off, no money can make your bad client/employer good.

  2. Dean Kadikoff says:

    I would say Henry should thank Gunther for the offer, but as a man who takes pride in his work and above board reputation, he cannot take the offer as tabled. Besides, Henry would be much better off to keep the status quo as he only needs to invest 500 hours of labour a year on projects for Matilda to meet the $100,000 salary that Gunther is offering and would still have 1500 hours a year to work for his other clientele. Once those Matilda projects dry up, maybe the matter could be revisited.

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