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Who's responsible when a flood occurs on the job?

Canadian Contractor Profitability Insurance Liability

The chances are, you are: the general contractor. Which is why liability insurance, and using licensed plumbers and electricians, is key to avoiding expensive mishaps.

By Alec Caldwell

Yeah right, a simple renovation!

That was until the newly-installed faucet on the vanity unit bursts and floods the washroom, the living area and destroys the homeowner’s hardwood flooring. Then it seeps through the ceiling to the condo below.

The manufacturer says their facet was installed wrongly, which seems strange because it’s not complicated to install a hot and cold supply line, especially when a licensed plumber did the installation.


Again, imagine if this contractor had decided to install the faucet themselves. Do you think the homeowner’s or contractor’s liability insurance would cover this? The answer is probably not.

We recommend every contractor out there carry their own liability insurance and always use licensed plumbers and electricians. Never cut corners, as it can come back and bite you BIG time later. Sleep well and be safe.

Alec Caldwell is the founder of the Canadian Association of Renovators and Home Services (CARAHS).  For information on their training programs and services, please visit



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