Canadian Contractor

Canadian Contractor

October 11, 2018 News

Home-based contracting businesses need specific insurance coverage

by John Bleasby

Standard home owner policies are not adequate to cover all risks

October 9, 2018 News

Apprenticeship initiatives from coast-to-coast attempt to fill the funnel

by John Bleasby

Innovative programs are addressing the national skilled trade crisis

October 5, 2018 News

Prefab wood panels for mid-rises gaining traction in B.C.

by Steve Payne

One firm, Pro-Fit Structures, Chilliwack, B.C. is reported to have had a 21 per cent increase in volume in the past year

October 5, 2018 News

No good deed goes unpunished? Kamloops developer under WorkSafe BC’s intense scrutiny

by canadiancontractor

It was just supposed to be a coat of paint to make some existing rental housing look better. Next came the HazMat suits.

October 4, 2018 News

CertainTeed’s latest drywall tariff request was denied. The CITT explains why.

by John Bleasby

Despite rejection, company is “weighing its options” for future action

October 1, 2018 News

Calvin Gordon is back on the tools and scheduled to return to court

by John Bleasby

Contractor with several prior convictions now operates north of Toronto

September 27, 2018 News

Can the Ontario College of Trades storm your work site without pretext?

by John Bleasby

A look at the legislative details suggests that, “Yes, they can!”

September 25, 2018 News

Owner of electrical contracting firm personally liable for $537K fine

by John Bleasby

Corporate assets were transferred to avoid company’s court fine

September 21, 2018 News

Four tips for managing your contracting firm’s debt

by Mahyar Hansotia

Is your contracting business struggling with bad credit management, poor cash flow and personal use of business funds? If so, read this.

September 21, 2018 News

Why aren’t more builders getting into prefab housing?

by Steve Payne

“Why is the Homebuilding Industry Stuck in the 1940s” is worth reading

September 21, 2018 News

Today is… National Tradesmen Day!

by Steve Payne

IRWIN announces an exciting new contest as part of the day’s events

September 20, 2018 News

Brad Pitt teaches contractors an important lesson

by John Bleasby

The actor’s New Orleans housing project is a moisture control nightmare

September 19, 2018 News

Radon and B.C.’s Step Code – A perfect storm (Guest Column)

by Casey Edge

Add radon gas to the unintended consequences of increased energy efficiency

September 18, 2018 News

Radon gas risks are real, but action and reaction is inconsistent

by John Bleasby

Health Canada recommendations for radon mitigation could cause deaths, CHBA says

September 13, 2018 News

Tesla solar roof tiles: More fizzle than steak

by John Bleasby

Production delays leave employees and customers in limbo

September 11, 2018 News

Bring your construction skills to the world stage

by John Bleasby

The Canadian Red Cross is looking for disaster ‘surge support’

September 6, 2018 News

Employers can be liable for their employees’ distracted driving

by John Bleasby

Massive fines in the U.S. are finding their way to Canada

September 4, 2018 News

CertainTeed fails to gain tariff protection for 54-inch drywall board

by John Bleasby

No injury, retardation or injury to the domestic gypsum board industry, CITT finds