Canadian Contractor

Canadian Contractor

July 19, 2018 News

Despite two court judgments against fly-by-night contractor, Alberta homeowner is left “chasing a ghost”

by John Bleasby

Rosalba Politi, Morinville, AB, continues her four-year search for $20,000 in compensation from Vinizio DiVincenzo, formerly of Gibson, BC

July 17, 2018 News

Responsible material choices from the ground up

by John Bleasby

Reflect a concern for the planet without being radical

July 12, 2018 News

The making of an overworked cliché: “Sustainability”

by John Bleasby

Every marketer is in on the act, from Mike Holmes to Lloyds Shredded Chicken

July 10, 2018 News

Understanding continuous air barrier systems

by John Bleasby

An air barrier is only as good as its installation. Here’s why.

July 9, 2018 BUILDWIRE

Questions to ask when choosing a high performance house wrap (Sponsored Post)

by canadiancontractor

5 key questions to ask before you choose a particular brand of housewrap

July 5, 2018 News

Quebec flood inspector used his position for collusion, homeowner alleges

by John Bleasby

Leads given to an associate’s business added insult to misery

July 4, 2018 News

California, here we come (and other nightmares)

by Casey Edge

Casey Edge, CEO of the Victoria Residential Builders Association, has fears about how our building codes are evolving

July 3, 2018 News

Edmonton contractor foils a conspiracy to defraud

by John Bleasby

Fake renovation request at a fake property were part of an attempt to steal $27,000 from this renovation pro

June 28, 2018 News

CertainTeed seeks more drywall tariff protection in Western Canada

by John Bleasby

Company targets 54-inch drywall board even though it doesn’t manufacture it in Western Canada

June 28, 2018 News

Dilemma Winner! Parking the clients’ enthusiasm at the curb makes good business sense

by John Bleasby

Our panel has selected the winner of our latest Dilemma Contest. Congratulations to Jax Bailey of Prince George, B.C. Here was the situation: Jeremy Pudney’s young clients, the Howards, are keen to pitch in and help on their 1920’s renovation,

June 26, 2018 News

Few tears shed over GreenOn rebate cancellation

by John Bleasby

Ontario’s energy incentive program was flawed from the outset, contractors say

June 21, 2018 News

Is regulation or improved training the answer to renovation industry woes?

by John Bleasby

Home renovation is largely unstructured in Canada. That might be a problem

June 19, 2018 News

Will Doug Ford offer deliverance from Ontario’s apprenticeship ratio fiasco?

by John Bleasby

While other provinces reduce ratios, Ontario is out in left field

June 14, 2018 News

Paint strippers with toxic ingredients pose a serious health hazard

by John Bleasby

Lowes Canada and RONA will pull products. Home Depot is silent

June 12, 2018 News

Fixer Upper stars hit with $200,000 in fines and restitution

by John Bleasby

Safe lead paint removal practices ignored during hit show

June 7, 2018 News

Social media marketing has changed (Part 2)

by John Bleasby

Filling the funnel, finessing the timing, and delivering the message on target

June 4, 2018 News

Skills Canada National Competition increases the hands-on experience

by John Bleasby

“We want to put tools and materials in young people’s hands”

June 1, 2018 News

Last chance to enter our Contractor Dilemma contest! Win TWO prizes from DeWalt!

by John Bleasby

What should contractor Jeremy Pudney do about these young homeowners who insist on “helping” out around the job site? Tell us, and a DeWalt prize package could be on it’s way to YOU!