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The Dilemma: Reno redo

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Parker is in the middle of a significant basement renovation for his client, Rosemary. She has recently been re-inspired with a new vision and wants to pivot the design and general remodel. This pivot will incur significant additional costs and labour that were not originally allotted for in the timeline or budget. Rosemary is willing to increase the budget marginally and give Parker more time to complete the project based on her new vision.

The pivot includes techniques and elements that Parker’s company does not specialize in. Bringing in additional trade partners would require additional permits – which would jeopardize his timeline for upcoming projects. What should he do?

  1. Work with Rosemary to rework what’s been done using the extra budget.
  2. Communicate with Rosemary that it is not possible to rework the plan, finish the basement as per the original plan.
  3. Give up the contract, encourage Rosemary to find a team who can accomplish what she is asking.
  4. Something else?

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