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The Hammer Special Episode: The Intrinsic Value of Closed-Cell Spray Foam – Mickel Maalouf, Huntsman Building Solutions

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Mickel Maalouf of Huntsman Building Solutions joins The Hammer to discuss unvented roof and attic assemblies, how they work and key considerations. With home space taking center stage, conditioned, livable unvented roof attics and unvented cathedral ceilings are in demand and increase the resale value of a home. However, this can cause problems for traditional ventilated roof assemblies as the geometry makes it difficult to ensure air- and vapour-tightness at the ceiling plane. A Closed-cell spray foam solution for unvented roof assemblies eliminates the ventilation space and simplifies construction by providing intrinsic air and moisture sealing properties for a conditioned, durable, energy efficient and more livable space.


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