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Festool launches next-generation cordless hammer drill and Bluetooth speaker

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Festool, has announced the March 25, 2022 availability of new permanent and limited-edition products.The QUADRIVE TPC 18/4 Cordless Hammer Drill, TOPROCK Bluetooth Speaker and SYS-MFT Clamping-Set Systainer are each designed to improve on the efficiency, accuracy and value Festool’s innovative system-based approach brings to the workshop and jobsite for professional tradespeople.

“The new QUADRIVE TPC 18/4Cordless Hammer Drill sets a new standard within its category,” said Philip Strnad, Marketing Director, Festool Canada. “The power, precision, versatility, and durability are unmatched.The four gears and incredibly wide range of chucks make it the perfect tool to tackle any drilling task with highest efficiency.”

The QUADRIVE TPC 18/4 Cordless Hammer Drill:The best drill Festool has ever made.

Powerful and versatile with four gears to address nearly any application, the QUADRIVE TPC 18/4 Cordless Hammer Drill is ready for wood, metal, masonry,and more. Next to being a truly multifunctional 18-volt hammer drill,the robust four-speed metal gearbox stands out in the QUADRIVE.With its enormous power and high speeds,it can handle even the toughest tasks. Features include:

  • Robust Versatility: The large number of attachments and unique Chuck System—including CENTROTEC, Right Angle, Eccentric Offset, Depth Stop, Drywall Chuck and Socket Adapter—combined with perfectly matched accessories make the TPC the most adaptable hammer drill in its class.The CENTROTEC Tool Chuck is a chuck and bit holder in one;ensuring maximum versatility for drilling, countersinking and driving all while being half the size and weighing 80% less than a standard chuck. The Fast Fix interface enables the TPC to be used with all of the 18V Festool attachments,increasing the applications it can be used for on the jobsite.
  • Improved Control:The intelligent Kickback Stop Gyroscopes actively monitor drill movement and minimize the risk of the drill twisting out of users’ hands. Adding to the safety of the updated TPC are excellent handle ergonomics and short design, which ensure the TPC fits perfectly in the user’s hand for perfect control of power.
  • Gear Optimization: The improved gear changing allows for seamless switching in any direction without intermediate stages; providing a fast, safe and direct solution. Plus, gear positions are clearly marked for solid engagement. The TPC includes four gears ideal for any application.
  • Increased Power:The Brushless EC-TEC Motor is designed to be wear-free, meaning it has extreme resilience and endurance. The Motor Management System also adds to the TPC’s efficiency as it converts energy from the battery into optimum power with virtually no loss; featuring 40% more torque than the previous version.

TOPROCK Bluetooth®Speaker: The sound of Systainer

The TOPROCK Bluetooth®Speaker is the newest band member of the Festool sound family. The Bluetooth®speaker in the Systainer³ lid combines all of the advantages of the Festool Systainer system in perfect harmony. Tools and accessories are stored perfectly inside the Systainer³, for a professional look.The new TOPROCK provides an amazingly clear, full-bodied sound, for professional audio including:

  • Rich Sound: Four active, high-performance speakers, a cleverly designed Resonance Chamber and 20 watts of convincing stereo-quality sound, provide clear and voluminous harmony.
  • Power Included: An integrated battery allows for an operating time of up to 10 hours at a medium volume. Its large battery means external devices, such as smartphones, are easy to charge via the integrated USB interface.
  • Stereo Mode: Bluetooth® 5 with True Wireless Stereo (TWS) enables two TOPROCK speakers to be paired to act as the right-hand and the left-hand speakers, allowing for a stereo sound that fills the room.
  • Intuitive Operation: Illuminated buttons are discreetly incorporated in the Systainer lid and are intuitive to operate: On and off, volume up and down, connect to Bluetooth®. The TOPROCK stacks on top of all Systainer generations, mobile dust extractors and many other system accessories –including the new SYS-MFT Clamping-Set.

SYS-MFT Clamping-SetSystainer: A Limited-Edition Offering

The SYS-MFT Clamping-Set Systainer is a limited-edition offering that shouldn’t be missed. The set includes two Quick Clamps, two Lever Clamps, two Low-Profile Stops, four MFT Bench Clamps, a deep-drawer insert and the Systainer SYS3 M 112 in blue. The clamping kit is compatible with legacy Festool products including the MFT 3, MW100 and the T-LOC-SYS-MFT. This exclusive design of the clamps features the ability to have both round and flat materials securely clamped.

The QUADRIVE TPC 18/4 Cordless Hammer Drill is available in three formats: Cordless Drill TPC 18/4 I-Basic(576777) -$455, Cordless Drill TPC 18/4 HPC 4,0 I-Set(576778)-$715and Cordless Hammer Drill and Impact Driver Set(576996)-$779. TheTOPROCK Bluetooth®Speaker(205506)retails for $299and the SYS-MFT Clamping-Set Systainer(577131) is available for $389.

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