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Should contractors use to buy home improvement products online?

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Can online buying compete yet with your local lumber and materials dealer?

It’s been about 1,000 years since online shopping was supposed to replace bricks and mortar shopping. Certainly it has made inroads in some industries, like books and entertainment, but what about in home improvement?

This is why I ask

I never click on the ads of Facebook, but I did when I saw a ad pop up, curious to find out the state of online sales these days and if it has become a viable alternative for contractors looking for better pricing, delivery, product options, or quality.

One of’s selling points is its phone sales staff (hence the pic here). I called the 1 800 number to find out just how good they are and tried to learn if there was any reason to believe there was value in to Canadian contractors.

My guess? could be helpful for contractors in remote locations needing finish trims and products like faucets, toilets and tubs. It might also be good for buying specialty tools that are not available locally.

Here’s part of my conversation with John Carlo, sales rep for As you’ll hear, he’d be happy to hear from you. If you are curious, here’s the number: (800) 375-3403. Tell him I said hi.

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