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The shower that does everything

How to make your client feel like $6,000 of clean and fresh for only $700. Kohler scales its highend shower control system for the masses.

February 8, 2012
By Robert Koci
Robert Koci

Customers want comfort in every room of the house.

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  1. Nicholas Mantell says:

    Very cool. I’d like to know more about what the digital control panel does. Regulate temperature, or more?

  2. Robert Koci says:

    The step down from the one for $6,000 to the smaller unit is considerable. More, in fact, than I originally thought. I went back to find the answer to your question and was told the smaller unit will run two spigots for the shower and will connect to the fancy digital control panel you see in the video. That’s about it. The complex network of pipes and wires you see costing $6,000 runs up to five shower heads, provides a steam exhaust (that’s the silver box near the bottom of the setup) plays music from your iPhone playlist and provides that cromotherapy I mentioned (a therapy based on colour, I am told).

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