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Where can a bathroom fan be legally vented, code wise?

All Ontario bathroom fans need to be routed to Queen's Park, writes Questo

One of our most-read posts of the past 18 months, still getting thousands of views, is called Should a Bathroom Fan Be Vented Through the Roof or Through the Fascia?

Questo, our outspoken government critic (ALL governments), made us laugh when he sent us this…

In my opinion all Ontario homes’ bathroom exhaust fans should be connected into a main pipe that ends that at Queen’s Park. With a high speed blower. It may be the only way to force the Liberal squanderers out.

Hey Ontarians, we are in big economic trouble, taxed up to our necks.

This new carbon cap and trade BS is a fraud like many others to grab money from all of us. In Australia the government had to abolish this BS cap and trade, before total economic collapse. (Editor’s note: They changed their carbon policies, they didn’t abandon them.)

Some of our politicians are really stupid, to the point of insanity.

Happy new enslavement year. Welcome to the mob rule. More debt, more lies, more blah blah blah + HST + cap and trade + all other trades fees + more insanity.


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4 Comments » for Where can a bathroom fan be legally vented, code wise?
  1. Ben Polley says:

    I agree with Questo’s comments to the extent that cap and trade is highly exposed to politicization/political interference with good policy decisions.

    By contrast however, I would argue that not all taxes are bad taxes – it should all be about societal benefit against cost. To that end, BC implemented a simpler, carbon tax and since doing so I believe that their economy has outperformed all other major (by population) provinces, while their carbon intensity has declined at or near the top of all provinces per capita. win win.

  2. Questo says:

    If cap and trade isn’t for a tax purpose, ask your selves what is it then?
    The Ontario Premier with 12% approval rating? She is failing in free fall in every level including the cap and trade carbon tax/ credits/ etc.
    The Ontario big polluters apparently are getting away with it, why?
    The equality rights, some have more equality then others, as long they have the money on their side. Is dioxide carbon a pollutant? Carbon monoxide is, which one are in question?

    This only shows how great the Liberals in this Ontario Province have being doing. So much so to the point, some ex Liberals were at TVO asking Wynne to resign, only those wearing sun glass can’t see what is to come.

    Regarding Australia, some politicians did the right thing abolish the carbon propaganda, but some crooks puppets which want the carbon tax back, soon their scam works will come to light, like so many places across this planet, what kind of answers will the lobbied politicians will have to their voters?

    In BC their Provincial government fail into this trap money making carbon tax, can’t be understood, in Canada with so many vegetation needs this kind of insane propaganda, Canada should get paid instead of paying.

  3. Oliber says:

    Was Questo right about the Ontario government insanity in the cap and trade tax? To many people in this illusion, or delusion, pollution is the problem not CO2.

  4. Questo says:

    The Al wore inconvenient truth.

    Why he can’t talk about japan fukushima, tsunami, atomic radiation all over our planet? Airplanes spraying the sky with chemicals leaving all these trails for hours. what are these for? Why politicians when asked about this issue they just look the other way, why?
    why can’t he talk about the nuclear tests being blown in to our atmosphere, land and under ground, over 1500, damaging water tables. What about fracking for natural gas harvest also damage underground water tables. What about the pollution of our oceans with oil rigs blowing up, and tankers spills. What about our lakes and rivers all being polluted by these insane corporations. What about Monsanto with their GMO’s polluting all the farms around their demonic seeds. What about the pharmaceutical corporations with their insane vaccines, human biological pollution.
    What about the gigantic plastic island in the pacific, a drift. What about the messy wars destroying innocent people all over our planet, polluting, everything in their way.

    Now these crooks have the balls to set up a scam called cap and trade or carbon tax, all contrary to the real research about climate change, if they aren’t insane what are they then? I believe they are con artists until the reality come to the surface.

    what kind of a planet are we all leaving for our future generation?

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