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Comments about the Alberta homeowner who won two judgments against fly-by-night ‘contractor’

A lesson to young contractors from a veteran: Listen To Your Gut!

Last week, we posted on an Alberta homeowner, Rosalba Politi, who won TWO court judgements (one in B.C., one in Alberta) against a fly-by-night contractor who walked away on her project. She talked about her “gut feel” that she didn’t want to hire this guy in the first place.

A comment from a reader…

Rosalba failed herself. From the beginning she told her Dad she didn’t want to hire him. Listen to your heart. As a contractor, many leads  that I went to provide a quotation on, I had to decline. Seriously, there was no way I could tolerate that person. So I politely apologized and left. For the younger people now trying to establish themselves, maybe desperate for some work, this is tough! But always remember you can stay home and not lose time and money rather than work for free.

Adrian Bynoe

And a reply from the homeowner…

You are correct, Adrian I should have listened to my heart. But that does not give a contractor the right to do this to anyone. The facts remain. The judgments speak for themselves.

Rosalba Politi




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