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CPP premiums going up 60 per cent… unless you speak up now

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This massive hike will go through, unless employers - especially small business owners like contractors - speak up now

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is looking for support to combat a labour union initiative it says will dramatically hike CPP/QPP premiums immediately without tangible benefits to employees for years to come.

The Federation wants independent business owners to send provincial premiers and Prime Minister Stephen Harper notice that the proposed increase will hurt business and threaten job creation.

The Canadian Labour Congress is pushing an option that would see employer and employee premiums rise an expected 60 per cent, which small businesses cannot afford, the Federation says.

A decision on CPP premiums is expected at the next meeting of the provincial and federal finance ministers next month. So, you still have time to make your voice heard. You can sign a petition against this insane CPP premiums hike at



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1 Comment » for CPP premiums going up 60 per cent… unless you speak up now
  1. Peter says:

    Done and done! Thanks for the link. STOP SQUEEZING small businesses out of business!!!

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