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Green is dead…again

Okay, maybe not "dead" dead, but dead enough

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September 25, 2012 by Robert Koci

Regular reader Brian Baker commented on my recent post about the death of green saying he didn’t agree with me but…

He then sent me a recent copy of The News, a newsletter for the air conditioning, heating and refrigeration industry in the US. In it is a story titled, “Marketing Yourself as a Green Company.” Here’s a quote from one of the contractors used in the story,

“There are elements of green in all our marketing, but we have stepped away from doing dedicated green marketing, however. The issue just doesn’t have the image it did….Everyone wants to protect the environment but there is no clear consensus on the best way to do that, so many people feel they don’t know enough to make an informed decision.”

So, here is a contractor that has been marketing himself as green for years, in a story about how to market yourself as green, who as much as says that green is, if not dead, then dying.

Which makes me not so much wrong as almost right. It’s just, really, a matter of time.

I can see the paddles coming out now!!