Canadian Contractor


April 25, 2017 News

Alberta restarts the provincial energy-efficiency rebate game

by John Bleasby

Will similar programs across Canada be funded by new carbon tax revenue?

April 24, 2017 News

Home automation comes of age, but not everyone is convinced

by John Bleasby

Cost, complexity, fear of hacking top the list of obstacles for continued growth

April 21, 2017 News

Alberta’s new rebate program for energy-efficient renos crashes website

by Steve Payne

The program, which begins April 24, will stimulate demand for triple-glaze windows, tankless water heaters and enhanced insulation.

April 21, 2017 News

The latest data on the Greater Toronto Area’s record-smashing housing prices

by canadiancontractor

“The ongoing decline in new housing inventory is a direct reflection of how difficult it is for the industry to bring product to the market,” says BILD President and CEO Bryan Tuckey.

April 21, 2017 News

Just 2 days left to win a DeWalt cordless reciprocating saw!

by John Bleasby

The winner will be announced on April 28th, so there’s still time for you to enter!

April 19, 2017 News

New Ontario Liens Act legislation promised this spring

by John Bleasby

Premier Kathleen Wynne claims new Act will modernize the industry “the right way”

April 18, 2017 News

Claims about cellulose insulation spark war of words

by John Bleasby

A U.S. advertising watchdog ignites a fierce PR battle between insulation manufacturers

April 17, 2017 News

Students take to the tools for school library renovation

by John Bleasby

Trailblazing training program uses construction majors to build a better school

April 13, 2017 News

Boric acid in drywall – and its hazards

by Alec Caldwell

Boric acid is also known as hydrogen borate, boracic acid, orthoboric acid and acidum boric

April 12, 2017 News

Canada’s housing supply crunch cries out for solutions. You can help!

by John Bleasby

Builders and renovators can play a role in resolving housing approval inefficiencies

April 11, 2017 News

Recycled shipping containers a work-site hazard? Who knew?

by John Bleasby

Handy for storage and shelter, old shipping containers are not risk-free structures

April 10, 2017 News

Who’s bagging the savings from reduced Western Canadian drywall tariffs?

by John Bleasby

Six weeks after Finance Canada ordered a 32.17 per cent tariff cut, prices across the country remain high

April 6, 2017 News

‘Steel Construction Day’ on Parliament Hill urges support for prompt payment legislation

by canadiancontractor

The event was organized by the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC)

April 5, 2017 News

Digging into construction productivity issues (Part Two)

by John Bleasby

Off- site production processes are the second half of overall productivity gains, says McKinsey

April 4, 2017 News

Tesla solar roof tiles will be ready for installation this summer

by John Bleasby

Elon Musk claims his solar tiles will cost less than traditional options

April 1, 2017 News

Baeumler plans to run as federal MP to counter O’Leary-Holmes mania

by John Bleasby

“Canadians want cuteness, not brashness” claims cuddly TV celebrity contractor

March 31, 2017 News

Deadline to get your Ontario Working At Heights training extended to Oct. 1

by Alec Caldwell

That’s an extra six months to get your WAH ticket in this province.

March 29, 2017 News

Why should you worry about your online reputation?

by Heath Applebaum

Because it’s 2017. Online reviews of contractors – including you – are now big business.