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NEW Ontario Ministry of Labour course EVERYONE has to complete

Alec Caldwell tips us off to a mandatory online course recently introduced in Ontario by the Ministry of Labour. Pretty well everyone in our industry has to complete it. It will take about 45 minutes to an hour.

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February 26, 2014 by Alec Caldwell

Sweeping changes came into effect in Ontario on January 1, 2104, and one of these changes means everyone working has until July 1, 2014 to complete a mandatory course and obtain their course completion certificate.

This includes all Ontario self-employed home renovation contractors, sole proprietors, sub trades, partners in a partnership and officers of a company.

The good news

The course is online and FREE. It does not just affect construction, it affects everyone in every industry sector in Ontario. To complete this course will take between 45 to 60 minutes.

Employees click here to take the 4 step course.

Self-employed, subtrades, business owners click here to take 5-step course.

Once finished you will receive a “Proof of Completion” certificate of training.

You must save and/or print the certificate before exiting the module. The Ministry of Labour will not store your certificate, or keep a record of training. Please keep a copy for your records.


CARAHS was founded as a non profitĀ AssociationĀ to help educate, inform and mentor the Self Employed Renovators, Builders, Trades and Home Services .

CARAHS has over 130 online Health & Safety e-courses at

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Alec Caldwell

Alec Caldwell

Alec Caldwell is the Founder of CARAHS, a Health & Safety Organization. We are approved providers by the Ministry of Labour (Ontario) to teach Working at Heights Training (Pro#34609) Visit the Ministry of Labour's web site to view our listing
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8 Comments » for NEW Ontario Ministry of Labour course EVERYONE has to complete
  1. veenstra harry says:

    the trouble is most small contractors started out working the tools
    as business grows,they hired help,now they have a couple of crews and are forced into looking after the work instead of doing the work
    I do not know many guys who want to sit in the office over running the tools
    Any contractor starting out and wants a business -not just a job for a few years will need to work those long days- 12 hours and more to make it happen
    as far as working for someone else to save 50g first for better cash flow,I think if you depend on that for your business you better think again as your business must support itself ,not subsidized by another source of income–only Government can do that

  2. Ivan Stolin says:

    Interesting! And if you do not complete this course… What penalties are going to be imposed?

  3. hi Ivan.that not the way to start a subject and what happens if you don’t do it. well you could give it a try, but if your in the construction business you could be facing up a $25,000 fine and more. So for something their setting up free for you to make it easy, when not conform. its in your best interest….

  4. chris coysh says:

    The thing I hate most about it is they think we are all fools .Many of us have been doing the job for years without a accident .

  5. Trades people stand up says:

    Will that be any implications on those which have the OCOT membership cards instead of certification of qualification?

    Who let the dogs out? ( song beat ) Just be aware, The OCOT can of worms is about to be open.

    I had a felling this could come to light, now the MOL will know who does have real certification of qualification. Maybe The MOL will use the OSHA to clean the mess done by the OCOT.

    The safety catch: MOL Inspector, papers please, sir,,,, you have a membership card and you,,,, are a,,, plumber,,,, your torch is to close to the wood,,, can I see your certification of qualification?

    P,, Sir,,, sir I was force to get this OCOT membership, they told me was to protect the consumers and I paid $135.60 for one year. Ins,,To protect who?

    Apparently you aren’t qualified, you have to leave now.

    Note, this is just an example, what the can of worms may lead into.

    A membership card or paper isn’t a certification of qualification. Note, the MOL, aren’t talking about safety membership, they are giving the course as certification, up on the finish of the safety course, and further is for free.

    Time to get rid of the OCOT. (Orchestrated Corruption Over Trades )

    Good luck to all of your trades people.

  6. Right Chris….they have a bad accident….then everyone has to be treaded the same way and have change upon change and have it stuffed down our throats constantly.

    In most cases they dont tell the guys working at ground level. Its only when something happens they say “why did you not know” and saying no one came up to me to tell me does not work. How can people keep with all the time will regulation chages. Especially small busines or sole propreitor self employed

  7. no thanks says:

    you could at least spell check the articles you post.