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JELD-WEN’s 12-Day Home Winterization Checklist

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Looking for a handy home winterization checklist?

Twas the first day of winter, and all through the house, there were maintenance issues that needed to be worked out. Thankfully JELD-WEN came up with this plan, so homeowners could take matters into their own hands.

Day 1 – Convert to Gas
There’s nothing quite as cozy a roaring fire on a cold day. Gas fireplaces not only offer modern convenience, they are also an energy-efficient heat source.

Day 2 – Wash the Windows
Giving windows a good scrub before winter will help ensure they look their best and continue to let in natural light throughout the colder season. Paying close attention to glass panes also makes it easier to pinpoint any cracks or caulking damage.

Day 3 – Patch up Cracks
A lot of home air-leakage happens around windows! Apply caulking and weather-stripping to make windows more energy efficient and increase energy savings.

Day 4 – Clean the Gutters
Clean the leaves and plants out of gutters before winter, so there won’t be a mess to clean up in spring. After scooping out leaves and debris, flush the gutters with water to make sure they are clear.

Day 5 – Have the Furnace Inspected
It is always a good idea to have a furnace inspected before the cold season. If the furnace isn’t running properly, or if the filters are clogged, it can increase the cost of heating a home.

Day 6 – Find and Foam
Many homeowners insulate their doors and windows, but forget to look for hidden cracks around pipes. Hard-to-spot holes can be patched up with caulking or sealant foam so the home is airtight.

Day 7 – Install Insulation
With cold Canadian winters, there is no such thing as having too much insulation. Make sure the attic and basement are coated with about a foot of insulation foam. Don’t forget to insulate around pipes to prevent them from freezing.

Day 8 – Buy a Programmable Thermostat
With a programmable thermostat, you can set it so that your house is warmer when you are home and cooler when you are at work. Come home to a warm house, while reducing your overall heating costs.

Day 9 – Set Mouse Traps
If mice and rodents take refuge in your home during winter, they can chew on insulation and cause air leaks. Bait mousetraps with peanut butter or some other food source and place in cellars, attics, or around pantries. Keep your eyes peeled for droppings!

Day 10 – Change your Furnace Filter
A furnace’s filter should be changed regularly to ensure it isn’t causing excess heating costs. Also, buy enough replacement filters to get through the winter.

Day 11 – Upgrade Windows and Doors
New energy-efficient windows and doors not only help keep a home cool in the summer, but they also help keep it warm during the winter months. Purchasing new windows and doors is one of the most effective ways to winterize your home.

Day 12 – Make the Switch
With fewer hours of daylight we tend to consume more electricity and leave lights on longer. Make the switch to ENERGY STAR certified light bulbs, both inside and out. These bulbs use 70-90 per cent less energy and last 25 times longer than regular bulbs.

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