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5 Reasons to Renovate During Summer

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June 13, 2016 by JELD-WEN

Summer is the ideal season for home upgrades and additions. The pleasant weather, the steady supply of sunshine and the ability to enjoy outdoor living areas can help ease the burden of renovations. Here are 5 reasons to renovate right now:

Group of men renovating outside of a house.

Summer is the ideal season for home upgrades and additions.

  1. Renovations look their best

We tend to look our best during the summer months, and the same can be said about a home. April showers have washed away the grime of the melting season and windows are sparkling in the sunshine. Homeowners are spending good money on home upgrades, why shouldn’t they get the most out of them while they are brand new?

  1. Upgrades are most likely to be noticed

One of the main reasons people renovate is to give their curb appeal a boost. Installing new windows or a bold entry door is an excellent way to catch the attention of all the outdoor traffic that comes along with the summer season. Time a reno right, and you’ll have joggers running on the spot, cyclists pulling over to peak, and garage salers slowing down to look at what’s new.

  1. Outdoor renovations can be put to use

There is more to making a home stand out than wood and paint. Summer weather allows homeowners to enjoy their outdoor living spaces. The sound of laughter, the smell of a BBQ, or the sight of friends and family enjoying themselves on a front porch can make a living space seem all the more appealing. Remember, property shoppers aren’t just looking for a house—they want a home.

  1. New windows will sparkle and shine

What is big and yellow and makes windows look their best? Why the sun, of course! Summer is sunshine season and clean windows love sparkling throughout the longest days of the year. Homeowners who wash their new windows regularly will enjoy the extra attention that comes as a result of their renovations.

  1. Tax refunds can provide extra income for renovations

By summer, most homeowners have received their annual income tax refune. What better way to spend the money smart than pouring into upgrades for the home? Not only will upgrading to energy-efficient windows and doors lead to further energy savings, but people save money on their property value increase as well. Homeowners should always be on the hunt for tax-incentive promotions to help further cut the cost of renovations.

There you have it, five good reasons why summer is the prime season for renovations. Smart homeowners will have already booked their renovations, as contractors tend to get pretty busy around this time of year.

For a useful project planning tool, visit the JELD-WEN app at