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Ask a sub trade abut their clean up habits when you interview them…

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General contractor Dan W. tells us how he evaluates the work habits of a potential (new) subtrade. And it starts with the condition of their truck and trailer.

Here’s a post from GC Dan W. about what he can tell about a subtrade from the state of their jobsite and truck/trailer, etc.

“Is their truck or trailer a mess? Good indication. Do they leave their clothes on the floor at home? Is their garage a mess? What is their own life like? Does it shadow or mirror their personality or habits on site?

Is their truck/trailer organized? Do they bring their own broom/ shovel or dustpan?
Ask a sub trade when you interview them. Watch for telltale signs.

I always have one or more empty 5-gallon pails or empty boxes where the sub trades are working. They never ask, I always tell them that the garbage goes here! There is always a cheap broom and a bright colored plastic kids’ snow shovel (not heavy/bulky, but big and strong enough to pick up the garbage without bending over).


Do not give them an excuse!

Most, if not all homeowners have a beef with a mess left behind at the end of the day!
Do not let it happen!

If they clean as they go, they will work safer, faster, smarter.
What happens when someone twists their ankle because of debris left on the floor? How much down time? Now? Later?

Union or not, THINK about what you are doing…


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