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Call the Ministry of Labour if you see a contractor working for cash

Canadian Contractor Business Liability

"Call it in. If they have no WSIB clearances, they will get fined dearly."

Jacques Boulianne posted this in reponse to Alec Caldwell’s article about firefighters doing renovations for cash in their off-duty hours.

“I have no problem with a firefighter working a second job if needed. What I do have a problem with are people who do the second job for CASH. It also means you are probably not insured against damages, paying no business tax, WSIB, etc. so now you are being unfair to others running legitimate businesses and paying all their taxes. This also hurts our economy. I’m not saying (all contractor firefighters) do it under the table but some do…

All I can say to all business people who feel their turf is being pillaged by a sideliner is to keep the Ministry of Labour’s phone number handy and call it in. If they have no WSIB clearances, they will get fined dearly. Also keep in mind that an illegitimate contractor is not doing the client any favours by working for cash. If his helper gets seriously injured on the job, the liability falls back on the home or business owner. Now that cash job just cost the client a fortune.

Posted by Jacques Boulianne on Nov. 6, 2013



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