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Covid-19: The view from Edmonton

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Marie Soprovich provides some valuable insight into the Covid-19 situation in Alberta

Shortly after the Covid-19 pandemic broke in earnest last month, Canadian Contractor interviewed Marie Soprovich, Founder of Edmonton-based Aquarian Renovations Inc. and the current President of the Canadian Home Builders Association – Edmonton Region. Last week, we asked her for an update, which she provided below.

I certainly have a perspective from the Association level and expect the situation is fairly similar across all areas of Alberta and Canada. Through our provincial advocates at BILD AB, we have worked hard at the provincial level to ensure that residential construction remain an essential service. As this is contingent on ensuring health and safety measures are followed, consistent and emphatic communication to our members has been made to inform and remind all construction related workers to follow proper protocol.

On the market side, the initial crisis phase created a pause and real reluctance for many renovation projects as homeowners were just nervous about having anyone in their homes. There were added concern about the economic fall out (finances) and just how bad this would all get. Some projects have been put on hold, others cancelled, and some are still proceeding at a slower pace with health and safety protocol in order.

The level of collaboration at the moment between all associations, municipal and provincial government is high. This is encouraging and we look to make the most of these deepening talks and possibilities for a recalibration of our industry (asking for red tape reduction) and other measures that will stimulate this sector of the economy as we look for a new normal.



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  1. Hi Rob, Well done! I just read the article you put together… thank you for capturing so well…
    I look forward to reading the rest of the items on Covid 19 experiences… I think this is a timely and important voice to bring to your readership.
    Thank you again for being interested in my perspective and our industry here in Alberta.

    Have a safe and enjoyable weekend… it is finally spring here in Alberta!


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