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Garfield Dunlop, licensed plumber and Ontario MPP, launches private members' bill to counter Ontario College of Trades

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Dunlop argues that the Ontario College of Trades risks putting 85,000 apprentices out of (legal) work. His bill is attempting to stop this from happening.







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Editor’s note: Many of you in Ontario are extremely upset at the $135.60 (until it goes up in future years) annual “trades tax” you have to pay to the Ontario College of Trades to keep certificates of qualification that you earned and paid for. The strongest voice in the Ontario legislature to reform or disband this new bureaucracy, in our opinion, is Garfield Dunlop, a licensed plumber who is the PC critic for skilled trades and apprenticeships. We got this press release from Dunlop yesterday. Read on…

Queen’s Park –  Garfield Dunlop, MPP (Simcoe North) and PC Critic for Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Reform has introduced his private members bill entitled “Save Apprentices’ Jobs Act” in the Ontario legislature.

“We need to encourage people to work in a skilled trade. We have lost many workers to the provinces out west,” said Dunlop. “The College of Trades is about to force 85,000 people out of a job it’s time to do something about it.”

The College of Trades has a one year deadline for journeyperson’s to write their Certificate of Qualification exam, once the deadline lapses they lose their licenses. “This worries me considering many choose not to write the exam since they are happy working in their trade of choice”, noted Dunlop.

The same one year deadline applies to apprentices for those who have not paid their membership fees. Approximately 10,000 apprentices have actually registered with the Ontario College of Trades which leaves 85,000 apprentices who have not. “If this deadline approaches and the apprentices have not paid their membership fees we will have a huge number of trades people without jobs,” added Dunlop.

“Our members are being notified by the College to stop training their apprentices on April 8th.

They have a mandate to promote the trades instead they are destroying them,” said Clive Thurston President of Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA).

“This bill will allow over 85,000 apprentices to continue to work legally in addition to the approximate 4,300 journeyperson candidates. I created this bill to help the hard working trades people of Ontario and I hope that the government will support my bill,” said Dunlop.

“How are we supposed to believe the College can register all these apprentices in four weeks when they have demonstrated such administrative ineptitude to date?” said Karen Renkema, Chair of the Stop The Trades Tax Campaign. “The fact is if MPP Dunlop’s Bill is not passed, tens of thousands of apprentices on April 8 will be out of a job.”



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31 Comments » for Garfield Dunlop, licensed plumber and Ontario MPP, launches private members' bill to counter Ontario College of Trades
  1. Yvette Aube says:

    Good for you Garfield.
    This College of Trades is another money grab.
    What trades does it affect??
    Who is exempt?
    What does my 135.90 do??
    How do I know if My Trade/Company needs to pay this fee…
    This is a confusing time for many of us and especially Apprentices. Makes getting a skilled labour job an interesting notion with all the new taxes, coverages and trade certificated imposed upon us.
    Hmmmm. seems like we all need to look deeper into this College of Trades.

  2. Steve Voskamp says:

    The message I was sent was close to fraudulent, as I am a licensed Carpenter of some 23 years, and they told me the deadline, and the amount, but did not suggest I don’t have to pay. Kind of like the little bullshit bills internet advertising companies try to send your firm for service provided that you did not ask for or want. They’re hoping that in the process a percentage will not question it, and just pay it. Probably is illegal to do it this way, definitely immoral. Just go to their COT website to check on if there is a list if compulsory trades (NOT) or a link to that (NOT), or an FAQ that says” Do I have to register”(NOT). You can however directly find out the process of how to get your trade included if it isn’t (if you have the masochistic need to bring this on yourself, or the sadistic desire to be dominated by another even more). I’m ashamed to see my own government (not one I voted for,) support this shady “marketing” giving misdirection. It is a terrible thing.

  3. Joe Greps says:

    They needed a $6M bailout last year and are absolutely desperate for money now Steve, expect it to get a lot worse. All the large trades will be made compulsory with Millwrights and Sprinkler Fitters next on the list, I have no doubt Carpenters will not be long after.

    That aside the Tories shot down bill C201 so it’s really hard to see how they are interested in the well being of tradesmen, most of the rhetoric they pander to the media with on trades is the magic bullet variety on how they are going to create millions of well paying jobs out of thin air. Sounds great and is utter BS, without addressing mobility issues for tradesmen it is hard enough for many of us to keep working, dropping ratios and flooding the market by misleading youth into these programs won’t help anyone.

  4. Brian says:

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.
    – Political center of the nation
    – All of the politicians in the country see Ottawa and Ontario as carear Valhalla.
    – Their purpose is to make many influential friends who will give them great jobs within the huge Ontario political machine.
    – Ontario is the political fat cat resting house. Why are you all so constantly surprised?
    – Liberal mentality
    – Easterners have always been spoonfed that government will take care of them from birth to death.
    – The taxation demands that have been placed on the Ontario construction industry, and everything in general, for decades, is stupefying to anyone in Alberta, yet the only time Easterners vote for a federal conservative government is when they are broke, scared silly, afraid for their futures and in need of someone to work it out for them.
    – Liberal governments spend money to gain the support and trust of the voters. To do so they, of course, always need to raise taxes.
    – Highest population in the nation
    – The underground or ‘cash under the table’ construction economy in Ontario and Quebec is rampant.
    – Smaller populations recognize these people and are able to weed them out. In larger populations they are able to hide and keep on plying their mischief.
    – When these individuals do, in fact, become under scrutiny by officials they simply head off to the prairies, comb their hair, brush their teeth and make up stories about why they’re here. They’re ready to work today and the homeowner buys it, lock, stock and barrel. Now we have another Mike Holmes episode.
    – You know that Quebec is equal to, or worse than, New York for mafia controlled construction industry. You must understand that this mentality filters down to Ontario.

    You all keep complaining about the political structures you have but you are the ones who keep voting them in place.
    The head shaker is when you get a federal government in place that leads us all through a North American recession, almost unscathed, and then complain about them. I read, on this mag that 42% of this readership would vote for Rob Ford! That’s freaking nuts you guys!

    Take back your province and it’s government. Stop paying the OCT and WSIB until they become representative. Quit complaining about your government and do something about it.

  5. Oleber says:

    Dears, MPP Garfield Dunlop

    Where ast thou been?

    When can I see this OCOT and others be abolished, and those responsible for this mess be personality accountable.

    The Liberals sold the compulsory trades people like commodity stock market to
    the OCOT, $15.60 each certification. In exchange, the OCOT will sale their membership useless paper disbarring the certified people on the price of $120.00 each.The MTCU lost around 1.5 million in this exchange, what a sweet deal.

    Those refuse this bullshit will be braking the law say the OCOT.

    I refuse to them, I told them they are unlawful agency, regardless what the legislature have been passed say, and their bylaws; because this bill to create the OCOT was not properly introduced in the fair and timely matter.

    The ex premier should be inquired, for this matter together with the ex MTCU minister, and the one right now at the MTCU should be fired on the spot.
    He deleted all the emails about the gas plant scandal 1.1 billion on the hole.
    his under investigation for that matter, one more reason he should be gone.

    The premier should be asked to leave immediately, for not fire him, also she wasn’t voted for, and trying to elude the public to have a change in case of soon elections to became the premier. Dream in the fantasy land Madame bla bla.

    If that happen we all should move out of this province or be f,,,,. They put the parties and all their cronies before the public interests.

    Should a boycott on the elections be in full speed next time?

    No more parties, independent candidates, with the right resume, like any other work place, proposed bills to the public view, for a period of time before any vote.
    Giving enough time for free and fair way arguments, about the issue, pros, and cons. The public only have been eluded to vote and fooled with unwanted bullshit, and paying for it. MHO

    Nor enough research were conducted to have a brought view in this matter, OCOT,furthermore the negative impact this will be doing to the trades people, without any benefits.

    And no one were asked for a free and fair vote on this matter. So it violates the fundamental rights and principles our nation was formed and also our provinces.

    They too, provincial governments shouldn’t trump on the basic and protective laws which are in place to guaranty the freedom and liberty, respect and dignity for our people all over this nation.

    Apparently only the HST value, cheap he,, before no tax on the stamps, furthermore the OCOT can sale part or portion of info on their data base to a third party, without no ones consent. What a scam who they think they can fool?

    We all trades people compulsory or not, need to mobilize, and fast, this madness can’t continue. Closing down, ESA/ECRA/OCOT and possible others to.

    Every compulsory trades people, upon the accomplishing new job, repair and so on, should sign a term of responsibility, for their work for a period of time depending on the agreement to whom the work is performed . After all what the liability insurances is for?

    That have been said will pass on the responsibility down to the owners, as holders of to whom the work was performed. A lot of developed countries use this method, why can’t we apply this here?

    Certified people take three, five and seven years for their training, those came from Europe and elsewhere went two years on the coo up and college and exam again. A lot of these certified people speak three, four and five language and have tremendous experience in the electrical field and other trades to.. Also they have their countries of origin certification for life.

    Wouldn’t need any inspector to inspect their works. Certified people are deemed professionals. If anyone loves their work career, wouldn’t mess up.

    So why anyone as an certified electrician needs a master and contractor licence for example? This bullshit have to stop, we need people to do work not to cash in.

    A call to OCOT CEO to quit, and the other bozo which said no voluntary trades will be forced in. Make their heads spin may work well, is a unlawful agency no free and fair vote was ever in place. The teachers ( OCT) were asked to vote for theirs, on may 1997. Now there is no point in comply into untrusted and unwanted unlawful agency. Out for ever, no changes, period.

    Exposing them is the best offensive way. Apparently they are in the hole, and this needs to be known, then the bubble will busted..

  6. Questo says:

    Lets just assume the 85.000 apprentices losing their lobs over night.

    If one makes $15.00 average per hour 85k times 15 = $ million per hour.

    Now times per 8 hours = $10 200.000.00 million, day, really interesting

    Now per week 5 times $ million week, more interesting


    How long the liberals will hold this bullshit economic loose?

    Run run liberals, where you will run, we will not find you?

    I saw this long coming.

    Notice: the 4.300 aren’t here yet.

    If they make $30.00 average per hour times 4.300 = $129.000.00 hour

    8 hours times $129.000.00 = $ million day

    5 times $ = $ million week, fantastic.

    $ + $ 51.0000.000.00 = $ million

    yeah $ dollars loose and all this people out od work.

    The OCOT CEO and all the others cronies, should start running really fast.
    How far is the Ontario lake? Maybe with the winter frozen waters they may have a change to go to cross over .LOL.

    If the vote will not make it, bye bye Libereals.

    She wants to be the premier, show me where?

    Now, don’t blame me, lol.

  7. dave says:

    a quick question
    what about us older contractors and carpenters without a license . And have no intension of getting one,are we to basically go to the welfare line. because there are a lot of us.
    have you counted all of them in your list

  8. Questo says:

    No Dave, This demonstration above was only about the ones may lose their jobs by April 8/2014, if is what you are asking?

    Your question is a good one, I wish I can answer you, and it may turn into a nightmare. Looks like you guys may have to go for exam certification pay for it and end up paying what ever the OCOT bananas heads want to decide.

    This constitutional violation is very problematic, no consideration apparently was taken into account for the outcome of this OCOT either positive or negative.

    What the economic impacts will this may take? ha ha , just lets pass this private bill 183 OCOT and sale the trades like sheep. This OCOT legislation was unfair and arbitrary, section 74 on the ORLB, go there and read it.

    The one proposed this bill were union president should have known better, about this section and the free will of the people. Unions have a free vote for their members, got it, why was not a vote for all of us?

    Why this union guy have to put his nose where he shouldn’t at all. He may have entered into a conflict of interest into either unions business and some total private. The real question is: who waste the 4 million on a few interviews for this mess?

  9. Lee Tokar says:

    I’m one of those fossils who is past his prime as a hands on renovator (just ask my neurosurgeon, chiropractor and family doctor). At 68, I reinvented myself in 2010 and got into the kitchen business. Since 1969, I have been self-employed and have practised every trade imagineable from carpet installations to home builder. I have always operated on the premise that as long as I offer my clients quality work, that the government should stay out of my way. After all, they, the homeowners, are the judge of my workmanship and believe me, that final cheque won’t arrive without the scrutiny of the man with the pen. I have never been a fan of unions nor the strict regulations that would hog-tie me from plying my trades. I still have all 10 fingers and none of my projects have fallen apart or houses have burnt to the ground, from my faulty wiring. I would be the wrath of the likes of Mike Holmes. This new proposed legislation that pigeon-holes every man with a hammer to comply, certainly would have stifled the progress I have made as an individual craftsman, over the years. Reminds me of the Pink Floyd video where they bellow “Hey, Teacher…leave the kids alone” as they topple off the ledge, one by one, into the abyss. The WSIB would have me line up and pay 10% to them even now, sitting at my design computer at my showroom, which still continues to place me in their eyes as a renegade that should be brought to justice. C’mon now all ye hard working entrepreneurial tradesmen, Unite, Damn the torpedoes, Storm the Bastille and knock sense into these bureaucrats that wouldn’t know a blister from a pimple on their sorry behinds. We are the bravehearts of legend.
    Stop this madness. The bastards are taxing the poor….the poor slobs trying to make a dishonest living. Whoops!

  10. dave says:

    My thoughts exactly Lee

  11. dave says:

    I too have built from the ground up got all permits happy customers .all my business is repeat, I haver 8 years to retirement . I won’t be getting a license to be able to work in a place that i was born and have worked all my life.I will have to sell all i have worked for for the past 41 yrs Its hard to say ,Im happy to be a canadian .

  12. Questo says:

    Hi lee, not only you still have all your fingers but a sharp mind, brilliant,,, into the song, that’s one of my preferred, leave the kids alone!!!! some bricks on the wall, you know where.

    I have done high end electrical projects in houses (costume build beyond 2 million dollars each home), commercial, industrial renovation and new, up to 500 hp 3 ph 12 leads, electrical motors, millions of dollars projects, furthermore, high tech projects too, beyond normal tech. All had passed flying colors.

    And yes the work done proper needs no advertise, and so was my choice, the proper and responsible way of doing. Up to now, no one had screamed into my hears.

    Who are the OCOT to tell me and others how to do our work?

    Does any piece of paper make anyone more intelligent, from those don’t have it?
    I don’t think so, certified means she/he passed the respective training on that respective career, or job tittle, to perform that job. So us certified people, became a fiction assets to the government, paying the stamps, a form of control.

    And assets can be sold in the stock market for a price tag. Also can be used as bonds, now which ones are we on? If this is real?

    But certification is a intellectual personal asset, can’t be changed into a membership. And further into this subject, forced to pay,,,,, where is the freedom of choice? All certified people had paid for theirs exams, the government didn’t.

    Lets all of us drive with a Costco membership cards, would be permissible? right!
    Lets give a look at it, License drive, is an asset of government, not ours, its a privilege, not a personal asset, even then with out it one can’t drive.

    They think career certified is a privilege, no it isn’t, is a personal choice of ones career, a job tittle. Its not an assumption, as the OCOT brags about it, under the guise of costumers protection, yeah theirs nothing more.

    Theirs assumption is: if one certified she/he does not comply with them she/he are unable to perform their careers, got it now, a license membership, like a privilege, violates the basic laws our country was set up on it. Work is for survival, oneself and support their families, can’t be considers as privilege, it’s a need. Also everyone can choose multi career, freely.

    Even certified, if one handle work irresponsible, becomes a problem. There are a lot of people out there which aren’t certified and can do remarkable work diversity, I agree with Lee and Dave.

    Those people uncertified, should be given consideration and respect, and allow them to make part of the community as an asset value not a stock market, nor some sort of unwanted. There are a lot of trades people retiring and getting out of this province, because this OCOT hole, and soon will came the big storm at 5 billion flying low, got it.

    I only know one politician in the Queens Park can do and understand what I am talking about, most of them are tools for a invisible source.

  13. dave says:

    exactly Questo
    I left a message on Facebook what was mr dun laps view on unlicensed workers , now i cannot find it anywhere is that not strange . is this not a form of raceism.
    WE are not in any way shape or form classed as anything but a burden to society . sucks eh

  14. Questo says:

    Not so, Dave,,, The politicians always want the vote from the elders, but when they win their spots seems to forget them. The disrespect for the fellow human being, in exchanges for monetary ventures and their cronies.
    I called the pit of vampires, when they lose their human normal way of status.

    Give a look what happen to the veterans, our country is seen now, world wide as disrespect full for theirs citizens, and abusive of the laws once they stood up on it to protect.

    Disrespect for the agreements of Geneva convention laws, allowing Canadian solders in participating in illegal wars. Disrespect for international immigration agreements and so on. It will not be to astonish if we been used as commodity too.

    Thanks to Mark Carney, ex Banker of Canada to f,,, our economy, the ex boy from golden man sucks. Cense then our economy start to down spiral. Our industry start to disappear, and all attached to it. The Britons are waking up for this shit golden man suckers,,,.

    Now, seems like the government of Ontario, want us to pay for all this damage. Should we pay for it? Creating all source of side agencies to avoid direct responsibility. I have seen this movie somewhere!

    The real criminals are getting paid million of dollars to destroy the economic power house of countries and run freely. Isn’t this interesting?
    Devastated communities, all over the place, shephoning founds, for their masters, xenophobics.

    Now, Dave next time the vote comes around I believe you will know what to do.

  15. Leroy says:

    Does anyone agree that the entire effort by the government is to nab and tax trades working in the underground economy. What better way to have the authority to nail them down than to ask for their tradesman’s license….or WSIB number. Bringing in the Harmonized tax that forced a tradesman to collect tax on his labour was another step in that direction. It used to be only necessary, not long ago, to collect the GST on goods sold, which also had a PST dollar amount collected by the province. I believe the loss of tax dollars from underground work is overblown. When a working stiff collects cash from a homeowner (who, by the way, paid tax on that money), what do you think he does with this money. He buys restaurant meals, alcohol, merchandise, gasoline, etc., all items that are taxed! Duh! It’s like the fellow who sells his used rattletrap to the next guy and the damned vehicle is taxed all over again. Compound taxation fills the government coffers so they can throw it around in careless ways (i.e gas plant cancellations, foreign aid, peacekeeping in terrorist infested 3rd world countries, lock-ups for cannabis users, comfy prison cells for killers and rapists, political junkets in 5 star hotels……….yadda, yadda, yadda) .
    I’m a patriot who loves his country but hates what those in power are doing with it.

  16. dave says:

    100 % ( it wasn’t for them anyway )

  17. Questo says:

    Hi Leroy, I think the underground economy is like the buggy man.
    Government allowed and now is out of hand, out souring all kinds of works.
    We saw that not long ago with the RBC.

    Assuming on materials for renovation or new projects, cars and others, they pay the HST tax. When materials change hands for profit HST tax will share that, so will keep go as many times materials changes hands.

    So the government use the people as slaves to collect their tax. Work for free, yeah ,Chinese child labour, yeah bodies, point to that direction, make sure the people never look to the right way,,,.

    Does anyone gets paid to do this HST work?

    So people aren’t stupid, if one gets paid cash for their work will avoid this compound status and income tax. 13% yeah, added the many times items changed, its way much higher. Now who is to blame?, ,,,, people have been and still as like tools for the government purpose of taxation.

    But that’s not all, income tax, been taxed for our work, Been taxed for our careers, Been taxed to own a home where we leave, Been taxed to drive,
    been taxed to perform our careers, if not paid been fined for it. This is many direct tax. It looks like a third world country.

    If we put all the tax we all pay together very little money will be left over. Now, the CBC news,,, Canadians can’t save for their retirement, a large percentage are in debt, really? But fail to explain why!

    It seems worst then prostitution, if one gives a deep look.

    what the f,,,,,,, man when this shit is gonna end.

    Can this country set any example to the world today?

    Keep voting, vote for A, doesn’t work well, vote for B, worst, vote for c, or just vote for ABc .

    Just make sure this system will always be take care, and your kids and grand kids be in this film for the rest of their lives, called self servitude slavery.

  18. bob says:

    “The College of Trades has a one year deadline for journeyperson’s to write their Certificate of Qualification exam, once the deadline lapses they lose their licenses.”

    Can someone tell me in English what this means?? A journeyman is already a CofQ license holder, how do they earn and lose their license at the same time..Dunlop sounds like a he’s on something.

  19. Edward says:

    I to am a licensed plumber…and self employed…. Although i do find paying $120.00 yearly a we bit excessive, I really don’t get why everyone is complaining? If my clients can easily determine I am licensed on OCOT website that is a big selling point for me. As for the unlicensed who are being booted because they failed to “pass” a written exam. Which the author states “many” do not want to write the exam and are content being an apprentice for the remainder of their career. I can bet you, the number is far greater….that the unlicensed failed their exams and gave up…. If we were talking about med students here….im sure this debate would not even exist…as you wouldn’t want to go to a “doctors” office and get meds prescribed to you by someone who couldn’t pass a test. Plumbers, electricians, hvac etc….we make money… And that piece of paper that says “licensed” allows you to. Now for the ones that are gonna complain and say “the tests are hard”…… Well, for plumbing anyways…. 80+% of the exam is in the code book… If you cant comprehend the codebook after 6mths of apprentice in school and 9000hrs of work experience…well sorry to burst your bubble… But you shouldn’t be in the trade

    • Brian says:

      Do you need to write an exam to qualify for the OCOT?

      • Edward says:

        No I qualified already… I got my license years ago… Instead of $60 per 3 years, I now pay 120 per year. I am not bothered by it, I embrace it. Maybe now when I go get an oil change, its a licensed mechanic doing it. When I charge what I do to snake a drain, its a licensed plumber doing it….. When I need my basement wired, its a licensed electrician to do it. Majority of the complaints are from A- companies who employ bums off the street for higher profits, example- acme plumbing sends “mike” to snake your drain, “mike” was a former bartender, not registered as an apprentice nor has any other knowledge about plumbing other than using a snake machine and charging the customer $400 … All from a guy who knows nothing about the trade!
        Example 2- Acme mechanic says lube centres are no good….. Yet when you go to his shop for an oil change and tire rotation, a 21 year old who reeks of weed is doing it for you who is not a mechanic nor an apprentice… Just a kid who wants to make $10 an hour. To boot? He forgets to tighten 4 of the 5 bolts on your rear tire almost causing a fatal accident on the 407. (Yes that was almost me). So you guys are here to complain about what? A law and fee……that is tightening the belt on companies that deceive and cheat? People who squeeze themselves into a trade? Yet cant even conduct it properly? Im all for getting rid of people who give honest hard working and SKILLED LICENCED tradesmen and women a bad name. Finished your apprenticeship? Go write and get your license, its that simple.. For someone that knows their craft…that should come with ease! Now, the only complaint that this should be is not $120. Its if the OCOT will stand by their promise to penalize or rid of companies running without licensed individuals.

  20. Oleber says:

    Edward, you don’t seem to understand the negative impact this so called OCOT may cause you in the future. its not so about the money its way much more then that, you just miss it, or a lack of grasping the their motive.

    • Edward says:

      What will it cause me in the future? My licence costs get delivered back in my taxes… My customers end up fronting the bill anyways? If people to lazy or cheap to dish out $120 a year…thats their problem… All this fear mongering that they will charge more in future etc… Is all hot air. You know how much gas prices were 10 years ago? Why are you still pumping gas in your tank today? Exactly…..

  21. Oleber says:

    To bad, you can’t see the elephant in the living room.

  22. Edward says:

    What elephant would that be? The insurance companies, that will not cover damage caused…. By someone who is not licensed… Insurance companies will sure enough implement and support OCOT… There is nothing any of your complaints will achieve… Money talks, unskilled or unlicensed will always walk…

  23. Brian says:

    Except for a few fine points, I need to agree with Edward. Professionalism first.
    These issues are all about the ‘under the table’ handyman. Unfortunately, this unqualified disease is growing at exponential degrees and, apparently, the Ontario government feels a need to do something about it.
    This is exactly why you are all having issues.
    Educate the market. Everyone wants something for less or free. The slimebags working out of the back of their truck are the issue.
    Unfortunately, you’ve given mandate to your liberal government to tell you what’s best for you instead of determining for yourselves, as an industry, what’s best.
    Every time a GC hires an unqualified ‘trade’ to save a little money and gives him some experience that guy goes on KIJIJI and offers himself as a handyman. QUIT HIRING LOSERS.

  24. Questo says:

    Ontario College of Trades BARBOUR WARREN
    Director of Member Services

    Ontario College of Trades BRENDERS ANTHONY
    Chief Operating Officer/Executive Director

    Ontario College of Trades DEENGAR ROHIT
    Manager, Finance/Controller

    Ontario College of Trades GREEN JEFFREY
    Manager, Investigations & Hearings

    Ontario College of Trades GUTHRIE ROBERT
    Registrar and Chief Executive Officer.

    Ontario College of Trades JUOZAPAVICIUS DAINORA
    Senior Advisor

    Ontario College of Trades ONYSCHUK ROBERT
    Director of Compliance & Enforcement

    Ontario College of Trades POIRIER JOHN
    Manager, Standards

    Ontario College of Trades TESOLIN TETYANNA
    Manager, Human Resources/Labour Relations

    Ontario College of Trades ZAJAC WALLY
    Manager, Information Technology

    Are all these qualified for these payments?

    Notice, the CEO is Tsubouchi

    You may think these guys will protect you? right, when they will start to increase their fees like the Ecra did, then you may start to see their ugly face.
    The MOL could do the same, this agency was a fraud, and still no need for it.
    There are the inspectors on the range of 80k and vacation pay 4 weeks.
    If you are a self employee can you afford 4 weeks of vacation?

    • Edward says:

      Questo, ya we can question if they are qualified… But very likely they have university degrees and a hire level of education than my college degree in plumbing. I will not point fingers at millionaires or what people deem wealthy. Doctors make triple that, university and higher education is reasoning. We all have the will to be wealthy, but many settle for bare minimum. I will one day be wealthy, and the one way to do that is work and aim for more.. And their are many very wealthy tradesmen and women…

  25. Ensure your plumber has a contractor’s license. Licensed contractors are required to complete work in compliance with state mandated procedures that are designed to protect us from shoddy workmanship and potential serious health issues resulting from improper plumbing practices.

  26. Ray Marsden says:

    This is what the trades get for not refusing to join on mass this rogue bureaucracy in the beginning. Their priorities are first their overpaid government job along with lovely benefits. their feeling of power and authority. They then wield a big stick to go around in posh vehicles and annoy as many hard working trades people as they feel like to show they are noticed and doing something. They produce nothing and above all they encourage no one. THREATEN, PUNISH & FINE that’s your Ontario College of Trades. Just like the Drive Clean how do you get rid of them now! Thanks Garfield for caring about our trades people.

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