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Heads up, it’s the Hard Hat Challenge! (Funny video links)

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We do NOT recommend you try these tricks on your own job sites - but if you're looking for a smile or a laugh at the end of a tough week, watch these videos

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Now we have The Hard Hat Challenge.

Are you crazy enough to try this?

We’ve actually had it for a while. It started a couple of years ago. There’s no grand prize, BUT the laughs come fast and furious. The trick is to find a way to flip, throw or cantilever your hard hat into the air and have it land on your head, right way up that is.

We can’t recommend any kind of horseplay on a construction site but, at the same time, these videos are funny. Many are using a shovel or their foot to fire their hard hat into the air. Some are even dropping it off the top of buildings. We’ve included a link to a few of the top Hard Hat failures for you to enjoy. Get ready to cringe.



But it can work!


Not everyone thinks it’s funny, though. “Of all the things that people would want to launch at themselves, you’d never think it would be the ultimate symbol of construction safety,” writes Shane Hedmon on the blog Construction Junkie. True enough, Shane.

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