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It's a no brainer: wear CSA-approved hard hats only!

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But I'm not thrilled with CSA-approved safety equipment that is made in China. While it may meet CSA's rigorous standards, China didn't care that it put melamine in baby formula, didn't care that it exported children's toys covered in lead paint, and for me, the trust factor just isn't there any more.

I was on a flat commercial roof this week, on the invite of the contractor. His work site was 30 foot up and it became apparent to me as I climbed his ladder that safety was priority: his ladder was tied down top and bottom and extended three feet above the landing surface. Once up on the roof I could see other safety restraint measures in place like the fall arrest barrier completely surrounding the perimeter and secured way beyond the minimum requirements under the law. 

I then noticed everyone was wearing nice new white hard hats, but it turned out these recently-acquired safety devices were not CSA-approved. They were bought at a big box store. Why such companies are allowed to sell these inferior safety devices is a crime. They don’t even have a disclaimer sign on the  shelf warning buyers to be aware.

All safety equipment used on jobsites has to be CSA-approved. Their standards are designed to best protect workers’ health and safety. I personally only recommend North American equipment that carries the CSA stamp of approval. Recently I’ve noticed some made-in-China safety equipment carrying the CSA stamp. Here everyone must make their own choice of what they buy. My choice is simple: if a country can let baby formula containing melamine slip under its radar, or export children’s toys covered in lead paint, am I seriously going to put my health and safety in their hands?  

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1 Comment » for It's a no brainer: wear CSA-approved hard hats only!
  1. Chris Coysh says:

    So your saying 30 ft up and a hard hat thats not CSA approved will not save you ? get in the real world .The hats the least of your problems

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