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Ontario College of Trades and their Suspension Date dues notices

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As we all know, invoices in our society usually contain a payment “due date” – if it’s not “payable upon receipt.”

Well, the folks at the Ontario College of Trades seem to have found a way to “improve” on that wording. They now refer, when invoicing their members, to a “suspension date.” Makes you feel good, doesn’t it?

Failure to remit their (OCOT) demanded yearly fees and have them processed prior to the “suspension date,” can have grave consequences. As the College states:

“Please be aware that payment in full is not processed before your suspension date, your membership in the College maybe suspended and an additional reinstatement fee of up to $120 plus HST may apply.”


(Yes, please don’t forget the HST. There’s a provincial tax and a federal tax on top of the trades tax, folks!)

For an annual OCOT membership fee amount of $135.60, after the suspension date you may have to pay $270.60. What a cash cow!

Here’s a thought, when OCOT receives its rent/lease payment due notice on its prestigious overpriced offices on Bay Street in downtown Toronto, does the notice say: payment due date or eviction date? Hopefully the landlord has more class than the tenant.

This is no way for anyone to treat its membership.

Especially a membership that has been press-ganged into joining the organization by legislation.

Let us know if you have any comments about the OCOT and their “Suspension Date” etiquette.

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