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Ontario College of Trades hires its first enforcers

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As of June 6, there will be 20 enforcement officers working for the Ontario College of Trades. They will be hunting for unlicensed, illegal workers in 157 types of skilled trade in the province. Some of them have police backgrounds. Some of them have been hairstylists.

Twenty on the payroll, 130 more to be hired. The Ontario College of Trades (OCOT), the newly-established organization that says it will police (“regulate”) and promote the skilled trades in the province, has hired its first enforcers. (OK, they are technically called “enforcement officers.”)

If you’ve received one of those $120 invoices in the mail, requiring you to join the OCOT, whether you like it or not, at least you know that these 20 enforcers will be hard at work, eliminating your unlicensed competitors and attacking the underground economy. Yes, this tiny group of newly-hired personnel have 157 categories of trades to police in a province that is much bigger than most European countries, but we DO need enforcement, right? At least, that’s the views of the College, which is headquartered on Bay Street in downtown Toronto. Only if you are a “compulsory” trade do you have to join the College. In our industry, until they start adding more trades, the compulsory trades are electricians, plumbers, sheet metal workers and refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics.

If you feel like flipping OCOT’s enforcers the bird, should you see one step onto your jobsite, think again. The College has made it clear that some of the enforcement officers have police backgrounds. And they also have trades backgrounds: they are Red Seal carpenters, sheet metal workers, even hair stylists. That’s right, hair stylists. After all, they are now compulsory Ontario College of Trades members, too. As your own skilled trade will almost certainly be, sooner or later.



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59 Comments » for Ontario College of Trades hires its first enforcers
  1. Merv Snyder says:

    Are these communist bastards going to start setting up in other provinices as time goes on ??? I do not understand how it is that they have been allowed to set up , unless the trades in Ontario are so poorly trained that , that is why it happened , people where feed up with poor workmanship , I do not know how it could happen ??? If you where trained in a certified Government trades school and became a certified tradesman , why isn’t your Ontario Government saying no to this gang of hoods …. O someone is in bed with whoooo !!!!

  2. Marcus K says:

    So they set up a tax grab only to hire enforcers and enforce the tax grab?? The Liberal Ontario Government should be ashamed of themselves!!
    The liberals are all about money grabbing and wasteful spending…. power plants….etc…. I guess they need to fund it somehow.

    I am an Licensed Electrician and am ashamed to be part of the COT.

    • trevor says:

      I think there is a miss-communication.

      Yes there is a new fee for Trades persons which I am sure is annoying. But at least compulsory fees can be written off against income. So really it is almost a wash for the trades person.

      The enforcement officer’s job is to make sure the people involved in the trades are certified to a) protect the public from the unskilled and b) ensure the trades are protected from the negative public relations brought on by incompetent workers posing as skilled trades persons.

      I do not think this is a Liberal issue (they do have many) I think it is a public protection issue,. As a licensed Electrician I assume you want to keep your trade respected and valued. Enforcement officers should remove the unlicensed thus ensuring that those who are still working are competent. Similar to requiring a drivers licence to ensure everyone has at least at one point shown that they know the basic rules of the road.

      • Igor Olenev says:

        Oooo.. so, we must say thank you that grab our money, that I have to pay for the certificate issued last ear and was valid till 2016?!!! The first thing they must do is to ask the society if it realty need this extra control, if we all really need this extra bureaucracy!
        …and if the society really need this “service”, OK I will come tomorrow in each house/office where somebody requested my service and WILL CHARGE THEM THIS EXTRA EXPANSE!

      • Dolton McSquinty says:

        Its not “a wash”. For starters doing extra accounting and paper work costs money bud and the OCT fee is not simply a “wash” as you so ignorantly claim. My question is: How much do you get paid to shill online for the Liberal crooks by copying and pasting the same response in multiple replies? Even your points about why we need the OCT are nonsense: “to ensure the trades are protected from the negative public relations brought on by incompetent workers posing as skilled trades persons.” LOL! Since when have I ever found it necessary to hand someone money to engage in public relations on behalf of the trade I am in? I will tell you. NEVER. So nice try pal. Now run along down to the Pan Am Games this summer so you can cheer on waste, theft and corruption with the rest of the crooked Liberals.

  3. Greg Paterson says:

    Maybe a video camera can be set up at every job or work place to audit
    our actions and police us like the Communist tried for years!!!

    The good always weeded out the bad in any industry. Now the
    OCOT’s will attempt to achieve this for us!!

    What about the sex trade industry ? Not compulsory yet……..

    • Yes video cam is really setup for a job or place that you are working on, now it’s 2021 and most of the offices staff are working from their home because of COVID-19 Pandemic.

  4. Craig Flatley says:

    What is the fine !

    A student going to write his/her C of Q and turned back for not signing up with college of trades.Is this fair were they told prior.Think of the Kid all geared up to do the exam and told he has to sign up and get approved and come back after it’s done

  5. Ray Cobus says:

    MY THOUGHTS: The only way these goons can be stopped is if we all boycot payment . Seen most of the construction associations oppose it maybe we should be encouraging them to organize a boycot. This is the liberals catering to certain people that have kept them in power and know the ndp will crawl into bed with them. Our only hope is a conservative majority . Another threat using retired police or whatever big deal, I guess the word communist is the appropriate word here. While were at it lets takle the wsib . They cant take all our licences , think about it , they would be shutting down the entire construction industry, and what would that do to this already devasted province.

    • trevor says:

      I think there is a miss-communication.

      Yes there is a new fee for Trades persons which I am sure is annoying. But at least compulsory fees can be written off against income. So really it is almost a wash for the trades person.

      The enforcement officer’s job is to make sure the people involved in the trades are certified to a) protect the public from the unskilled and b) ensure the trades are protected from the negative public relations brought on by incompetent workers posing as skilled trades persons.

      • Diane says:

        Yes Thanks for college of trades enforcement officers. I am a senior and just got conned by a plumbing company that I presumed. was registered finding out too late they were not. at a cost of 30.000. Public need to be protected from these crooks

  6. Alex Olevskiy says:

    I passed few exams in few trades. I studied myself or paid for cousrses.
    Today OCOT is going to enforce me to pay for my knowledge and experience.
    I think , this is illegal , and eliminted my rights .
    The only protection do not pay them any penny.
    I prefer to pay to lawyer to protect my rights , but not to OCOT
    Only all trades together we can protect our rights.

    • trevor says:

      I think there is a miss-communication.

      Yes there is a new fee for Trades persons which I am sure is annoying. But at least compulsory fees can be written off against income. So really it is almost a wash for the trades person.

      The enforcement officer’s job is to make sure the people involved in the trades are certified to a) protect the public from the unskilled and b) ensure the trades are protected from the negative public relations brought on by incompetent workers posing as skilled trades persons.

  7. I am not sure if this is a great idea but it could be a good idea to improve the quality of services. What would be more beneficial is to police the underground economy and those contractors that renovate and build without proper permits and do cash jobs under the table.
    This what really hurts reputable companies. Those of us who follow the rules and get permits and drawings and warranty the work. We spend 1000’s on advertising and proper training and licensing which raise our operating costs. Add the costs or permits and bam people are choosing cheaper unlicensed companies to save a buck. Then you see them on the news about how a contractor stole their money and did a crappy job. Serves them right for trying to skirt the rules.
    Being undercut by shady contractors that do jobs for cash and not offering a client a warranty is a bigger problem. Also trying to compete with shady contractors that don’t pull permits and do shoddy workmanship is a bigger problem.
    My company would love a list of registered trades that are reputable to use, as it can be hit and miss if a sub has proper paperwork.
    A professional organization could be beneficial if it was run properly.
    If you’re going to be forced to pay to join a professional association, you might as well reap the benefits and pay off the so called “tax grab” through new contact and organized program could bring to you.

  8. al says:

    The best job security comes from experience and education.
    Some people hide behind protectionist organizations like OCOT
    and ESA/ECRA, and get abused by them.
    They have replaced the qualification by work permitting licensing.
    Best solution, don’t give them a dime.

  9. Dan Dominato says:

    This won’t stand if I have anything to do with it. Vote Libertarian.

  10. Dean K. says:

    The priority should be chasing the uncertified trunk slammer under the table cash only workers. All investigation cases should be presented in an open and transparent manner. Weekly/Monthly reports with a synopsis of all investigations and fines/punishments should be posted to the OCOT website. Once this is completed, (which in reality will be NEVER), then the College’s gestapo can concentrate on harassing the actual certified worker. If it happens in this sequence, then I am all for the $120 yearly fee. Reviewing the legislative priorities as per the OCOT website, I think we all know that the impotus will be chasing after the certified worker as we are on record, while the trunk slammer is not. So we are doomed to have to deal with the j’accuse syndrome for some time to come.

  11. Mike says:

    Seems the only way to do away with this ridiculous bureaucracy is to not pay them. They can not operate with out revenue. We need to show this organization as well as this government that we will not stand for this BS.

  12. Randy says:

    Today I was approached by two gentlemen requesting to see my C of Q . I went off on them and told then I didn’t have to and they needed to produce the act. Things went South fast as they produced police type badges .I went to their car with them as they produced their charge book to Charge me under the act for refusing to produce documentation. Some real fascinating discussion followed . These men claimed graciously they have more power than the Ministry of Labor ( I guess now if they ask to see it I can tell them to take a hike) You can be videoed without your knowledge. They can go anywhere they please without being stopped (which will include residences and private property) They have been assessed more power than our police department in this respect to being able to go places without just cause– given the right to require court appearance and actually given the power of disqualifying a persons C of Q. ( Too bad they couldn’t do that with car drivers or better still as a citizen of this free country follow an inspector with a camera filming his driving ability and have his C of Q for driving removed) Sorry you will get arrested for harassment. This was the perplexing part of all this. I asked them if the government of Ontario signed their pay checks –the answer–“not really”–“then you work for an outside contractor” the answer ” not really” The question? How did almost over night an organization receive such sweeping powers invested by a corrupt government without real public knowledge. (i equate this to being similar to the outside security company hired by the US to have power over their citizens)Sounds a lot like E-health–air orange-wind turbines gas plants etc. It would be interesting to know who dream t this up or who is getting paid off but the emails will likely be erased by now . If the problem is lose of tax dollars to the underground economy the answer is to get rid of corrupt government that promise people who contribute nothing a free passage so they can get re-elected and the tax the working class so much to pay for their corruption and promises that we need to use the underground economy to keep the few dollars we have left over. I am rambling now Suffice to say I do not blame the men I talked to today as the were doing what they were hired to do ( provided they hired fairly and not somebody’s brother but the emails will be deleted already) and I was very rude to them but there are some real problems with what has transpired over the last few month and the people of Ontario were asleep at the switch. Do I feel there are problems in the construction industry—ABSOLUTELY– but this isn’t the real one –this is , from my perspective a make work money grab

  13. Ian says:

    The liberals brought this in, it’s was Dalton Mcguinty that got it passed as always, it is just a way for them to make more money off us hard working trades people like we dont pay enough already. Its a Waste of money just like the long gun registration which is scraped and a long fight to get rid of it. We need to stand up to our government, they are just walking all over us. My 310s doesn’t expire for another year and they want $120 plus hst. I don’t think so. I am ready to move out of this province with my family or just get all the fines they can give me and start collecting welfare. It effects everyone no matter what, even the ones that got there red seal in ontario and are working out of the province for over 20 years they have to pay to renew every year now. In alberta your license is just like your high school diploma once you pass it’s yours no fees. So because if I don’t pay our government is saying I am not legal to work. They cant take my knowledge away I paid and passed the government test over 10 years ago for my 310s. Come on people stand up for your selfs! Seriously . Just think what will be next..
    This province has become a joke and a sinking hole swallowing the people in it. They cry we need more trades mans/woman and this is what they do?

  14. Glen Webb says:

    This is not fair that this organization can take away a retired persons car and truck mechanic lic who still works part time at mechanics,I can’t believe the Government is even allowing this to happen,who ever instigated this a nd who ever passed it in the gov should be ashamed,has nobody got the smarts to stand up against it.One thing for sure they aren’t trades people.

  15. Dalton Imesseduptheprovince says:


  16. C says:

    If the ocot is to be of any use . It’s to go after the companies operating illegally and enforce the laws already established in luring the fair wage act ! How can companies compete when licenced 309a electricians working on government jobs get paid $18 vs others working for $39 hr unionized. Where is the level playing field . I thought the fair wage act was mandatory for employers to follow in order to operate a business legally in Canada involving red seal trades . Why is the college of trades not requesting payrolls from companies doing government work who should be paying a licenced 309a over $36 hr I stead of $18 hr . No wonder people prefer to work illegally and not pay their taxes and contributions . For years I fought for my rights to no avail .abuse of employers unionized and non unionized companies alike taking advantage of apprentices to get a head of their competitors not to mention to surcomvent government regulations for profit!

  17. John Hughes says:

    I have been forced to pay off OCOT to keep my licence, but as a mechanic I come under the Department of Transportation, who check our licences and our shop I think this is just an other make work for your crones, cant get them a senate position anymore so create a job and they stupid guys with the coveralls will pay for it, and they wonder why no young people want to be trained as mechanics.

  18. C says:

    Hello college of trades ! Where are you ? I’m working on the GO project ! Where is the fair wage enforcement act you are supposed to be defending g ?
    I have yet to see a safety inspector nor anyone from college of trades !
    Are huge contractors not obligated to comply with the fair wage act for red seal trades are they beyond scruteny of the college of trades or ministry of labour when working for the government. ?

  19. R D C says:

    First all of the trades complain about the underground economy, and unlicensed workers stealing our work. Then they complain about enforcement officers trying to take action on that underground economy.

    Stop complaining about it, and realize that in order to catch more of the people who are stealing jobs from us and taking food off our tables, we have to hire qualified individuals to look for offenders.

    There is a bigger picture than $120 a year you have to pay. All of this bitching and moaning just makes you people look narrow minded.

  20. cwg says:

    I have been in the sheet metal trade 40yrs and am NOT LIC and have never needed a union to find me work . I also have as much and more experience the some lic mechs . That being said the reason that I am not lic is 20yrs ago I had the chance to write the exam at the time and was told we were being grandfathered in what a joke we had to go into the union hall on a weekend and basically have the test and the answers right there in front of us and guess what everyone passed . Over the passed 15yrs or so I personally know of at least 15 or 20 trades people in the trade for 20 plus yrs that tried that exam and went to school for 4 yrs and failed because the exam is just to hard to pass these people are all damed good sheetmetal workers but for some reason couldn’t pass the exam and simply found another line of work . I am not going to and cant afford to spend $100.00 to fail an exam I know I wont pass . When these enforcers recently came on a site I was working on and the head cop refused to give his name to me but told myself and my boss also the building supper that he ask me for my lic and I told him I don’t have one and that I have been in the trade 40yrs his reply was and I quote my grandfather and my father were in the trades all their life but I chose the army and I am not saying you don’t know what your doing but we are doing this because the government is bringing in workers from other countries and giving them lic to work in Ontario and after three months they return to their country and then return to work here again and don’t have to write the exam . Well my answer to him was I am not going to write the exam and toss away $100.00 so he said well if we catch you on a site again we will charge you a fine of $500.00 and your company $1000.00 and the builder even more I said good bye and a nice day . Its obvious to me how he got his job and the fact that he would not identify him self but instead made his toadie give me his card just pissed me off more they also that day sent a painter home because even though he had the correct breathing equipment on he didn’t have a ticket for it this man has been painting for 30 plus years and now cant work and support his family much like me . So the fact that an army boy with no experience in any trade that I am aware of got a nice and well paying job putting people out of work instead of going after the illegal workers brought in by our government is just wrong. To all you lic trades people I know you deserve better then this and if for a moment I hope you understand there are hard working men out there who simply can not pass that exam I being one of them only have another ten years I hope to work in the trade I chose and have made a good living at . STOP THESE ARROGANT SELF SERVING ASSHOLES WHO DONT CARE ABOUT ANYTHING BUT THEIR OWN JOBS FORM A COALITION AND TAKETHEM DOWN THIS LIBERAL GOVERNMENT WILL BACK DOWN AT THE FIRST SIGHT OF TROUBLE I AM SURE THEREWILL BE THOSANDS OF TRADES PEOPLE WHO WILL JUMP ON BOARD AND EVEN THE UNIONS THOUGHT ONLY IF IT BENIFITE THEM WILL JOIN DONT WAIT TILL AN ELECTION DO IT NOW.

  21. Care says:

    I haven’t even received the bill. I am a licensed hairstylist, however, I am also now a stay at home mom and have been for almost 4 years now. This is because it was more feesible for us this way. Hairstylists make very minimum money in small towns. And daycare along with transportation cost was going to hurt us financially. So why, when I know so many in the same position as me, and how, are we to pay 120 dollars, an extra 10 dollars a month, plus HST, of course, when we are already on a strict budget? If I can’t keep my license, how do I find work when the time comes? My skills haven’t declined. Why should I be treated that way?

  22. Darryl Glenn says:

    Maybe we should all start a union for all of these trades. This way everyone will be governed and we have a voice. Instead of being pushed over being told to pay if you like it or not.

    • romina says:

      dear,I am in the same boat,I am a hairstylist,working like horse but make tiny,how can greedy Ontario of college of trades write me final notice again to ask me pay 120 annual fee.they push us illegally,we don’t want to be membership,we are skilled worker ,we work hard for living,we all depend on ourself,what that sutpid college do for us?nothing.
      so those people better stay home and work secretly,then never get bother from this greedy government.

      what can we do together,I am not going to pay any penny to them,I am not happy to pay any penny to them,but I need more people shout loud to the college and stop them enforce us illegally.can any help?

  23. romina says:

    dear,I am in the same boat,I am a hairstylist,working like horse but make tiny,how can greedy Ontario of college of trades write me final notice again to ask me pay 120 annual fee.they push us illegally,we don’t want to be membership,we are skilled worker ,we work hard for living,we all depend on ourself,what that sutpid college do for us?nothing.
    so those people better stay home and work secretly,then never get bother from this greedy government.

    what can we do together,I am not going to pay any penny to them,I am not happy to pay any penny to them,but I need more people shout loud to the college and stop them enforce us illegally.can any help?

  24. Richard says:

    I lodged a complaint. I currently work and operate a automotive shop. I’m around alot of shops that guys don’t have a automotive lic. I called OCT and they came inspected the shop and the worker called a friend that was lic to talk to them. They never even come to follow up or inspect the building for correct paper work. I think it’s all bullshit what going on. We all work hard for our licence of trades.

  25. Robert says:

    I paid for my ticket this year and it will be the last, I am headed to Alberta this summer to write and get a new licence, yes it will cost me $450 bucks but it wont be to OCOT, for me its not the $120 dollars its the damn letter welcoming me to their cash grab and the stamped certificate showing me as a member…. bullied into paying for their project and taking away my right to privacy by publishing my name without my consent. Why not only publish the bad apples and go after them. The OCOT is only going to push more people underground.
    I have worked in Alberta for sometime and they cater to the trades, because they seem to have an understanding that WE keep it all going.


  26. stephen webster says:

    many trades people and trucking co.(s) gave moved their base to another prov.

  27. Justin Bonn says:

    I am writing to voice my concerns over a 600% annual increase to the hairstylist trade licensing renewal fee. It is absolutely absurd to think that a hair stylist earning minimum wage should have to pay the same fee as an electrician or mechanic who can earn up to 5x more on an annual basis. Furthermore, I would like to know how the Ontario College of Trades plans to regulate an industry where unlicensed hairstylists can work out of their homes or travel to a customers home. I do not support what you are trying to implement because it is apparent to me that this has been poorly thought out and I will do everything in my power to spread awareness of this additional tax on the hard working tradesmen of Ontario.

  28. Igor Olenev says:

    We all got one more backstab from our “beloved” government!
    Another blow into the back of professionals!
    A crowd of bureaucrats in their offices rubbing his pants up to holes on his ass, picking his nose are thinking: “how would suck out more blood out of from professionals?”

    We have spent years training until able to call themselves professionals, we are always at the forefront of face-to-face with our clients.. …but these people, in most cases without any special education, parasites of society are going to control us!

    The most that bureaucrats could make for our society is simply not hinder our work!

  29. rose says:

    please read and sign .

    The Ontario Liberal government recently created another arm’s length agency with legislated powers called the Ontario College of Trades. This agency is unelected and unaccountable not only to both the public and politicians, but also to all employees who must belong and pay fees to it.

    I have a great many concerns that this new agency will create undue obstacles, penalties and fees and result in fewer people being able to work in Ontario. Although it is named the College of Trades, it has jurisdiction over employees such as truck drivers, events coordinators, customer service agents, hardware & lumber salespeople, child care workers and dairy herdsmen to name a few. In total 157 occupations are governed by this new agency. It would be far more appropriately titled the College of Occupations. Coming in to conflict with the College of Trades could result in fines of up to $10,000.

    A Petition to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

    WHEREAS the government of Ontario’s newly created Ontario College of Trades is planning to hit hard-working tradespeople with membership fees that, if the college has its way, will add up to $84 million a year; and

    WHEREAS the Ontario College of Trades has no clear benefit and no accountability as tradespeople already pay for licences and countless other fees to government; and

    WHEREAS Ontario has struggled for years to attract people to skilled trades and the planned tax grab will kill jobs, and drive people out of trades;

    We, the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

    To stop the job-killing trades tax and shut down the Ontario College of Trades immediately.

    GOAL: 1,000 signatures

    • Julie says:

      Hi rose
      I absolutely agree with you, the college of trade is a joke, a farce and a tragedy all rolled into one. Our skilled workers are needed more than ever and pay enough not just in money but with the thousands of hours of their time they put into obtaining their appropriate licenses and learning their trades. Then comes along this joke of an organization, my husband is a plumber finished his apprenticeship and needs to pass The red seal exam, not only has the cost now doubled to book the exam because we are now paying the college of trades for their completely useless input , it absolutely floors me that you have to wait two weeks after the exam to find out if a pass or fail mark is given, they will only send by snail mail because god forbid they actually use their website for anything important, it also wheels me that they offer no pre prep class or study options for an inter provincial exam.
      My Husband is a hard working plumber but he’s struggling with some of the items on the exam that were not covered under his ontario apprenticeship and some he has never done I have never seen an association or college (really???? More like the Gestapo of trades ) that does not offer some type of prep course for exams, realtors have them, mortgage brokers etc they just keep taking his money.
      I have never seen a more misnamed or inept institution in my life and now he can’t even legally work until he passes the exam. The financial hardship we have endured due this inane asinine decision making on their part angers me.

      I think you should start a Facebook page and link to it let’s get that petition going , I’m all for protecting the rights and wages of our licensed trades but let’s get some common sense involved at some point sooner than later, as they say the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
      Happy to sign your petition!

  30. rose says:

    this is the website.please sign and let them help us.

  31. Mike says:

    I have to agree with Robert’s post. I’m officially done with trades in Ontario all together and I’m outta here! This province has done nothing to improve trades since I’ve been in the system and if you ask me, this is taking 10 steps backwards. Originally I was part of the ITAP (Integrated Training Apprenticeship Program) several years back for collision repair, of course the year I joined was the year they stopped the tool allowance of $800 and you got zero.

    When I say 10 steps back, it’s because the province, no matter how much they advertise that they are promoting job creation in respect to the trades, they’re NOT. You want to create jobs you do that by rewarding the very people who actually create jobs, employers, not by taxing or punishing them and not by creating jobs through these pseudo governments created to do the provinces dirty work for them under the table. Of course funding it through forced methods. TET (Trade Extortion TAX)

    I say pump money in to the economy stimulate things by giving the taxpayers a break and let them spend their money back in the economy, promote small business cut the red tape, relax things a bit, give the small businesses a fighting chance and stop protecting the large cap businesses so much. Let organizations like BBB, angies list or the open market take care of rip off artists. It’s called word of mouth reputation and buyers beware. I don’t need or want more government control making my decisions when it comes to who will fix my toilet, car or cut my hair. NO THANKS!

    After all, Ontario grew to be what it was in its glory before GST and everything that followed.

    I could go on forever………

    Good luck to you all.

  32. Tony says:

    The OCOT is a total waste of our money. It is just another example of the big guy stealing from the little guy and telling him ” it’s for your own good” If you are already licensed and part of a union or not you have to pay them every year just to keep you licence..We have to pay them to keep the licence we earned even though they offer us nothing?? This is not what I expect from a country we are led to believe is free. This sounds like an dictatorship ultimatum. Sounds to me like somebody sold the trade workers of Ontario to the highest bidder. The reason I believe we are forced to pay is because the OCOT has already bought the rights from our broken government to due it. I could be wrong.

    I have had to deal with them regarding my exam results. After writing my test 3 times they tell me a year later that I actually passed the first time. I knew I did too because after the second time I wrote, it took forever for my results. So I called them and Richard, the man I talked to informed me that I passed. Then he called me back and said I failed. I asked how this happens and he tells me ” it was showing a pass but now it’s showing fail” There were two attempts showing and one of them showed pass but not anymore. So after a third try at the exam I finally passed it. Only to find out a year later that I actually did pass it the first time. So I did..I didn’t…..and now I did again.

    Even though the documentation I received for my first said 69%. They sent me false documentation. To put it lightly THESE FOOLS ARE COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT…They had better watch their step. These trades existed long before these chumps and never needed them. They need the trades to exist, the trades doesn’t need them

  33. Charlene says:

    Has a honest hairstylist for 15 years I see the plus and negative with this.
    I don’t like the yearly fees. I think they are too high. I do agree with them inspecting to see if people hold a valid license. How many of us trades people that know people how work under the table and call themselves professionals? They are the ones that ruin it for the rest of us that put in the schools hrs and the years off apprenticing. But if we want to keep are jobs it is a must.

  34. R Strauss says:

    COT where are you????????
    I am a licensed Plumber working (connecting new municipal sewers to private connections) in the municipality of South Bruce Ontario for 2 years. Aside from homeowners the majority of all connections are being made by non licensed contractors and workers.

    • L Cadieux says:

      Too true- I see it all the time- The big companies/agencies are the worst offenders for hiring non-licensed/certified workers so that they can reduce their operating costs… companies or homeowners advertise for handymen, laborers and other positions then post the job descriptions such as install/maintain plumbing, electrical, HVAC sometimes they may even add “certifications in any of these duties may be an asset”; why doesn’t the Ministry of Trades go after these people/companies/agencies rather than harassing legitimate Certified/Licensed Tradesmen…
      There is a Nursing Home in Cobourg that employs a maintenance person (individual has no licenses, no prior experience, worked in the Nursing Home laundry previously) but the individual was awarded the maintenance position (by same Nursing Home )and given a weeks training course to perform in the role. The individual has stated that he/she removes and installs new toilets, and sinks, installs plumbing fixtures, and works on electrical and electronics as well as several other duties. The individual even commented “apparently you don’t have to be certified to do those jobs when you are hired for Maintenance”,(who told them that, “management”?) I explained that one must be certified and licensed in each of the Regulated Trades being performed including the duties posted above. The individual just shrugged their shoulders and said “oh well, I just do what I’m told.” …

  35. R Strauss says:

    I will add contractor’s have a license but not a Plumber Certificate nor do their employees.

  36. Phil K says:

    Please joing the petition against the ontario collage of trades on face book,we want to start a class action law suite against the OCOT. That the liberal government created out of thin air and only duplicating jobs that exist within the Government. Fineing people for not joing a non for profit private org who to date has collected 7.2 milloin and only collected 74 thousand in fine and is doing nothing to stop underground econmy and targeting working trades people.

    Link to

  37. Dawn says:

    They are trying to tell my dad he can’t even fix his own vehicles on his property!! My dad is licensed to work on motorcycles n was at one point licensed to work on vehicles. To say a person can’t fix their own vehicle on their own property is outrageous! Even something as simple as oil changes

  38. Lansdowne says:

    Regulation is a good thing, people doing the same job that you worked hard to get by doing the work (schooling, placements, time and effort) only reduce your potential income…. it makes sense really. Making employers hire qualified people and pay them a fair wage for the work they do instead of hiring someone unqualified at a lower rate. It is a $120 well spent.

    • Avatar photo Steve Payne says:

      Lansdowne, is an extra level of regulation and COSTS by a third-party agency – of industries ALREADY perfectly well regulated – as is the case with the Ontario College of Trades, really money well spent?

  39. Cynthia R says:

    I would like to know how I go about reporting a Auto Repair Shop that has unlicensed guys fixing vehicles. There has been several issues coming out of this shop that one day may kill someone! They also sell cars that are not properly certified. Any information on how to stop this may save a life one day.

    • Avatar photo Steve Payne says:

      Cynthia: The procedure for reporting illegal folks in the auto industry to the Ontario College of Trades ought to be right on their website. I do note that you came to the conclusion that these guys were unlicensed and a public safety risk without the OCOT helping you in any way to that conclusion. This is our major problem with this bureaucratic organization that is simply another fee on top of existing regulatory bodies. They didn’t issue mechanics licenses before, they don’t now, and therefore what possible use are they to the public other than a pocketer of extra fees from already regulated industries. Thanks for your post.

  40. Frank S says:

    What about the guy that has been doing this with his dad for the last 30 years and has been a great sheet metal worker( installed) .he is now told he can no longer feed his family do the job he has been doing .
    Is there going to be some thing for him like a sheet metal labours lic so he can still still feed his kids ?
    I know lots of trades people with no lic.and can out work most lic. People.

  41. dan says:

    i would like if the enforcers could stop to back yard mechanics from taking work away from the the skilled journeymen. Also there should be a law that’s prevents the general public from buying parts if they don’t have a license to repair vehicles .

  42. Tina says:

    I’m just a consumer who has had the misfortune to hire work done by individuals who claimed to be licensed – but were not. Cost me thousands of dollars and lost time. NOW, I check with OCOT EVERY TIME – and only use licensed professionals. AND, I complain about anyone working under the table to OCOT – and I’ve been told that these new enforcement officers were hired for this very purpose – to protect me from unscrupulous fly-by-nighters and to protect your reputation and allow you to get more work – by putting them out of business. That may be temporary but nab them enough times and they’ll go work at McDonalds – the fines just won’t be worth it. I work in a licensed profession too – and I pay fees that protect both me and the public from those who just say they’re professionals. The marketplace isn’t flooded with fakes (so I get a good price for my skills) – and the public get the benefit of my good skills!

  43. Bill Edmonstone says:

    It’s about time! I hope they are prepared to dig deep and investigate hard. I know of three minimum and probably more so-called service companies that are hiding behind the OEM representative disguise and performing electrical work well beyond their equipment expertise. ESA turns a blind eye to it, I sincerely hope OCOT will step up. It cost me three times as much for my licensing, I hope there is three times as much effort into stopping the underground work.

  44. Gerald says:

    This seems to be a money grab at best but the key here is, that the licensed guys and girls are being made to pay for protection, hmm isn’t that what gangsters do?!? I have had over the years 20-30 so called licensed trades people do work for me and half of them were so incompetent it’s a wonder how they get there license in the first place.

  45. Donald Holden says:

    Well I’ve been in a trade since 1962.and I’m still working. When I entered a trade we signed a 5.year contract with the employer through the Ontario Apprenticeship board.

    Trade school was 3 times over 5 years and they even provided you with

    I agree the trades need cleaned up. Today there are few experienced Tradesmen. We have let things really silde. However as I read this article it sounds more like the Nazi Party is coming. Ex police?. More like scare tactics. I under stand a cost is involved, but wonder what these Fat Cats are getting paid as Directors who are not trade related?
    I also wonder who these people know in their circle of friends to get these jobs ? Maybe before things get out of hand we should do serious back ground checks on these people?

    And an office on Bay st?. Guess that’s why we can look forward to increased costs on our licensing fees. I have yet to receive a news letter,.or any other communications other the the required fees. Surprised? No.

  46. flory says:

    I am a journeymen working in heavy duty trade. I teach the licence guy plus I have to worry about my safety as the college of trade is more protected of the licence person then the apprentice or person who finish his apprentice and could not pass the exam. Some people who got the licence are abusing the system with the owners they don’t want to work they think others are slave can there be a change that a licence person have to put transmission in or show the apprentice how to do it and fill the paper that way the bad apples who are kept just to sign get caught.An the rates of apprentice set up by the college of trade for apprentice and journey person not the owner who abuse the people. As they are not successful.

  47. Aiden Doyle says:

    oh no! Those unlicensed hairstylists are posing a real danger to public safety! What kind of Liberal b.s. is this?

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