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Our six most-popular stories of 2013: WSIB in Ontario and Mike Holmes interviews got the most views

Our top story on Mike Holmes slamming contractors ("70 per cent bad, 10 per cent ugly") got 8,469 views last year.

January 7, 2014
By Steve Payne
Steve Payne

Here are the six stories that our Canadian Contractor online readers clicked on the most in 2013. (Note, some of these stories were posted in 2012, but still hit the Top Six in 2013, owing to web searches.)

The WSIB and Mike Holmes were the topics in five of the six top stories.

1. Readers respond to Mike Holmes’ comment that 70% of contractors are “bad” and 10% “ugly” (posted Nov. 6, 2012 ) 8,469 views.

2. Mandatory WSIB in Ontario, self-employed contractors mad as hell (posted Feb. 19, 2013) 7,842 views.


3. Electricians tops in hourly pay (posted July 9, 2012 ) 5,678 views.

4. Mike Holmes responds to his critics (posted Jan. 28, 2013) 4,499 views

5. Another contractor enters WSIB hell (posted March 23, 2012) 4,060 views

6. Trying to evade mandatory WSIB in Ontario can have tragic consequences (posted Jan. 9, 2013) 3,959 views




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