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Reaction to the federal budget from big construction union, Ontario

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The budget "still does not tackle equitable taxation policy," says the Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario

Editor’s Note: The Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario put out this press release this morning. This organization is an umbrella group representing a number of powerful construction unions, many of them in heavy construction and infrastructure. But they also represent many residential construction unions.

Morneau on right track with budget, but more needs to be done: Dillon

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – March 24, 2017) – “Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s second budget addressees the changing economy, but does not deal with a number of issues that working Canadians are facing,” said Patrick Dillon, Business Manager of the Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario (PBCTO). “The federal government is correct in recognizing that Canadians need to upgrade their skills and transition into new jobs as technology and innovation change the traditional workplace.”

“The Building Trades have been at the forefront of providing skilled trades training through our various training centres across Ontario,” Dillon noted. “We are proud that our apprenticeship completion and retention rates are highest in the province, putting workers on track to join the middle class with well paying jobs and benefits.”


PBCTCO members have been leaders in developing various programs that address gender equality; transitioning armed forces personnel to careers in the trades through Helmets to Hardhats Canada; working with Indigenous people to provide training and work opportunities in construction; and with vulnerable youth through programs like Hammerheads and the Carpenters’ CHOICE Program.

“Morneau’s budget still does not tackle equitable taxation policy,” said Dillon. “We need a progressive and fair tax system that provides the government with the revenue necessary to provide the programs that Canadians rely on.”

Dillon went on to say, “We have raised the issue of fairness for tradespeople with successive governments. Current tax rules do not allow deductions for travel when a construction tradesperson works away from home. However, a construction salesperson going to the same jobsite as the construction worker is allowed to write off his or her travel, accommodation and food expenses. We find this to be unfair and discriminatory to the construction worker who is actually building Canada. Hopefully, the finance minister and government will give this some consideration when they provide their Fall Economic Statement.”

“The federal government is finally starting to deal with a perennial concern of ours, the underground economy,” said Dillon. “The underground economy is costing Canadians billions annually and takes work away from legitimate contractors and their workers. It also is part of the underfunding of our health care and education systems. I commend the Minister for his efforts but more needs to be done on this front.”

The Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario represents 150,000 trades workers throughout the province.


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1 Comment » for Reaction to the federal budget from big construction union, Ontario
  1. katkanuck says:

    LOL Mr. Dillon – you should know the underground economy very well and you should be ashamed of yourself uttering the words “underground economy” LEGIT businesses were killed in Ontari-OWE due to your and UNIONS being able to speak on bills that a lot of people who were REGISTERED and LEGIT in Construction and had their own PRIVATE insurance that covered them 24-7 for anything, heart attack, broken arm, lost hand, etc. etc.

    YOU then were given access to ALL CONSTRUCTION businesses and the hounding phone calls began, the flyers showing up at businesses doorsteps, the BREACH of PRIVACY at WSIB/CRA. You then had the hounds (MOB) posting our businesses in directories that we didn’t sign up for, the thugs calling the business lines for this or that! BBB was being bombarded by thugs asking for quotes when really it was henchmen. ALL BUSINESSES PULLED THEIR BBB AD’S which was ONCE LEGIT and construction businesses were getting good jobs from it. Dofasco union thugs asking for quotes, other union folk thugs asking for quotes. Give a legit name when asking for a quote one can be found!

    Not lying here PDiddy, WSIB and many legal places have this breach duly noted, with a few folks at WSIB being fired for BREACHING Business files. You sit ON ALL THE GOVERNMENT APPOINTMENTS that KILLED LEGIT BUSINESSES! Full investigation was done and it led back to YOU who was spear heading all of the breaches and I’ve yet to hear that you WERE exposed. Just know that several people at WSIB were canned!

    Underground you have nailed that title yourself, your mobsters, and cronies!

    How much money do you make a year on all the Government appointments? Let’s create another position for PDiddy Dillon like the unemployment line for Gods Sake! Over and out!

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