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Taking the money and not doing the work? Military vet claims rip off by “contractors” in New Brunswick

The funds that were allegedly walked away with were from Steve Dawe's Canadian Forces disability payout

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January 11, 2019 by canadiancontractor

If you’re a bona fide, ethical contractor, please don’t read the comments underneath the below linked CBC news story out of Moncton, NB.They will just depress you. Once again, our entire industry is assailed by the general public because of the alleged disgraceful activities of two scam artists.

According to the CBC, the victim this time is military veteran Steve Dawe who, with his wife, were hoping to renovate their Moncton home to accommodate for their new baby. They hired contractors Marc Charles (also known as, “Mark Garland,” CBC reports) and Roger Leblanc. Charles has a history of being convicted of ripping off his customers: there are 2015 and 2018 court judgements against him.

The really sad part is that the $22,000 that Dawe says he is owed, came from his military DISABILITY payout. Disgusting.

Read the full story here.



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2 Comments » for Taking the money and not doing the work? Military vet claims rip off by “contractors” in New Brunswick
  1. Andy says:

    Hi. I’m electrical contractor since 1990.ESA become Ontario government agency on 2007 by introducing contract licensing program.since then licensing and the permit fees has been incresed unjustified .money grabbing, and poor quality of service has been taken place. Electrical contractors have been taken as hostage to pay multiple times for the same permit.otherwise their license will not be renewed. I’m talking ESA to court for1.000.000 damages since 2011 and 200.000 ponitive.there are lots of complaint from other s as well .

    • Paul says:

      Andy, learn how to spell, will make you look and sound better, best of luck with your endeavor. Really has nothing to do with N.B. vet being taken advantage of.