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Two kitchen and bath contractors sent to jail under Consumer Protection Act

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Three weeks after an unlicensed electrician from Burlington was sent to jail, two kitchen and bath operators from the same city are heading to the slammer, too.

More jail-bound contractors in Burlington, ON.  (Recall that a Burlington electrician was sent to the slammer 3 weeks ago.)

What is it with all the arrests in Burlington and Hamilton?

Here’s the press release from Consumer Protection Ontario.

On October 14, 2014, Richard Storey, Peter Jorges Cordeiro and 2221803 Ontario Inc., operating as Harvester Kitchens and Baths in Burlington, were convicted of charges under the Consumer Protection Act. Mr. Storey and Mr. Cordeiro were sentenced to jail terms of 225 and 75 days respectively, and two years’ probation. In addition, each must pay restitution of more than $24,000. Harvester Kitchens and Baths was fined $45,000. The company was also ordered to pay a victim fine surcharge and court costs. Harvester Kitchens and Baths entered into contracts with five individuals in the Burlington and Oakville areas to renovate their kitchen or bathroom. In four cases no work was done; in the fifth case, work was started and abandoned. Ontario Court of Justice in Burlington convicted Storey and Harvester Kitchens and Baths on the following charges:


·        engaging in an unfair practice by making false, misleading or deceptive representations to consumers

·        failing to provide a consumer with a contract containing information required by the Consumer Protection Act

·        failing to refund payment within 15 days of being given notice of cancellation of the consumer agreement.

The court also convicted Mr. Storey and Mr. Cordeiro, as officers and directors of the corporation, of failing in their duty to prevent the corporation from committing offences. Consumers are reminded to check the ministry’s Consumer Beware List before doing business with any company.


Ontario’s Consumer Protection Act, 2002 provides for fines of up to $250,000 for corporations and $50,000 for individuals convicted of offences. It also provides for jail terms of up to two years less a day for each offence. The Act also empowers the court to order offenders to pay compensation or make restitution to victims.


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2 Comments » for Two kitchen and bath contractors sent to jail under Consumer Protection Act
  1. Nigel says:

    It’s about time this should be Canada wide on fraudulent people parading around as journeymen trade’s people. When they definitely lack the proper skills to complete a honest job The gift of gab is the only skills these fraudsters have under their belt. More and more homeowners are tainted before the good contractors are at there door.

  2. Questo says:

    Now: please those interested in the through matter of the victims surcharge just open the link, may be surprised what judges are thinking about this issue, apparently is unconstitutional.

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