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"When did this country start turning into a communist dictatorship?"

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Dean Kadikoff asks a good question after reading about drywaller Sean Keane being bankrupted by the WSIB - who were later found to have been in the wrong

Dean Kadikoff posted the following after watching our video about the WSIB hounding drywaller Sean Keane for $340,000. (Eventually, they dropped their claim. He’s now suing them.)

“When did this country start turning into a communist dictatorship where our public employees and departments – be they federal, provincial or municipal – are sanctioned and given such powers as to allow such heavy-handed approaches as is the case here. To have (Sean Keane’s appeals of his $340,000 invoice from WSIB) continually return to the same auditor’s desk, and (for him) not to be given an opportunity to be reviewed by any other avenue within that department is just incomprehensible.

There need to be safeguards for us, the Canadian public, to be given the opportunity, nay the right, for a fair and unbiased review, within a resonable amount of time. This specific case has been going on for nearly 4 years – absolutely unacceptable. I speak not only about WSIB, but any other government department or agency that has the power to pull money out of the working man’s pockets. Most folks just pay up because they can’t afford to fight these issues even if they know they are right. It’s wrong, terribly wrong. Wake up Canada: I fear that it may already be too late.”

Edited version of Dean Kadikoff’s post on Nov. 23.



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24 Comments » for "When did this country start turning into a communist dictatorship?"
  1. Dean asks when did Canada become a dictatorship, and the answer is “a long time ago”. It’s sad to say, but Canada has not been a functional democracy for many decades now. We have a veneer of democracy covering the reality that unelected, invisible bureaucrats make the big decisions that affect day to day lives. How did this happen? I’m not entirely sure, but I do know that a big part of the blame goes to many of us ordinary Canadians who have failed to ensure that rule by real democracy was preserved. We take our liberty far too lightly, and that’s why it has been stolen. The theft of liberty is being attempted in the US too, but at least a critical mass of ordinary Americans have the balls to fight against it. We Canadians are far too nice for our own good. Do we really have to go down in history as the world’s biggest national pushover? I hope not.

    • ryan says:

      actually he asks when did canada become a “communist” dictatorship. Communism had nothing to do with dictatorship. We live in a capitalist dictatorship. Looks like all of those years of propaganda have gotten to you old man.

  2. Mark Tilley says:

    June 25, 1968

  3. Same thing happens to me
    Revenue canada wanted
    3.5 million
    Was reduced this year after 4 years of fighting
    to 350 k
    We will have to start holding these comunist bastards
    Accountable somehow

  4. Having grown up with immigrant parents ,and worked shoulder to shoulder with immigrant tradespeople throughout my whole apprenticeship, then onto my own
    Journeyman pursuits, I have learned something vital about the downside of immigration for a country .
    Most immigrants , ESPECIALLY the refugee immigrants are happy enough just to be on this soil .They dont want to “rock the boat “if you-will .
    In light and often great contrast to what they left behind , this could be their rendition of heaven.
    And rightfully so ,( for their feelings) Canada is the most wonderful country on the planet !
    Government lobbying and partisanship by the older Cronies that want to keep their place in line and what that brings it brings on , has become so
    prevalent , That the once vaguely obscure abuses of government and its controls have become front page news issues !

    Why do we pay more for petroleum products than the country to our south when we have our own resources ?

    Why do we pay more for our own lumber than the country to our south when it OUR Canadian product we are buying ?

    Why do we have a metro licensing when there is no mandate or process of certifying whether the company or individual is worth licensing in the 1st place ?

    Does anyone reading this article have any experience dealing with a claim with the past Hudak ? and now Tarion ?
    I have never EVER heard of anything positive ….just the standard : homes are basically built to last 5 years …thyen your on your own even if the defficient building practice took 5.5 yrs to evolve .

    What is the Ontario college of trades to my company besides another fee to pay ? How do THEY know how competent i or my company is in order to grace their list of certified trades ?

    And then theres wsib who audited me twice in 3 years for reasons unknown ,
    and in the last audit sent me a credit for well over r$ 10.000.00 ( in error of their last audit ) and is not capable of digesting the fact that i am NOT entitled to this money !
    Countless of frustrating calls and messages to the actual auditor have gone un addressed by them .

  5. Gail Tewalt says:

    “The theft of liberty is being attempted in the US too, but at least a critical mass of ordinary Americans have the balls to fight against it.”

    Steve, I am curious about who you think is “stealing” liberty, and who you think is the “critical mass…[having] the balls to fight it.”

    Just wondering.

    • Steve Maxwell says:

      Hi Gail,
      Thanks for your comment and question.

      The tendency for government to spread beyond its legitimate bounds is why liberty is on the decline. Government has no natural limits to its growth, except when people say enough is enough.

      Americans seem much more sensitive to a loss of liberty than we do, and much more likely to speak up about it. It was Thomas Jefferson who said that “the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Jefferson was commenting here on the tendency for government to become more tyrannical as time goes on, and in need of being put back in its place periodically.

      Here in Canada, for instance, it’s political suicide for any backbench MP to vote to represent his/her constituents when it goes against party lines. This is just one of many situations in Canada that makes me wonder where democracy has gone.

      Entrepreneurs like the building professionals who read Canadian Contractor are amongst the first to feel the tyranny of an unaccountable bureaucracy gone wild, and it’s a sad thing to see.

      Does this make sense?

      Bye for now,


  6. Steve Payne says:

    We’ll send a cool tool prize to the first person to identify what event Mark Tilley is referencing in his post.

  7. Fraser McConney says:

    My guess would be Pierre Elliot Trudeau. (Mark & Steve)

  8. Steve Payne says:

    Fraser. can you email me your address and we will ship you a power tool. Brand to be disclosed by email so as not to have either you or the firm in question suddenly audited by friends of Pierre!

  9. dan says:

    your embarrassingly ignorant statements around politics make me question the soundness of your advice when it comes to building, and building a sustainable future 🙁

    • Robert Koci says:

      Hold up for a second, Dan. How so are the statements here ignorant? Suggesting we are communist dictatorship may be a bit rich, but you should consider it shorthand for the kind of frustration small business feels at the overwhelming, costly oversight it must endure. And I don’t think any one can argue that we are living a cultural mindset that encourages more and more control and less and less individual liberty.
      Think about it. When was the last time you’ve seen any kind of effort on the part of our public service to reduce their control over any process, construction or otherwise? See it fro the independent business owners’ point of view and using the word “communist” is not that far off.

      • Michael Gray says:

        Robert, I agree 100%. As a tradesman and an employer I have to question, why is it always the private sector that has to pay ? Is the Firefighter or Police officer not certified as a professional ? Last I saw Ontario colleges were offering Firefighting and Police courses, the same as hairdressers !

  10. Sharon says:

    I’m American and was looking to see what was happening in Canada.
    Like the U.S.A. any country that welcomes too many foreigners in is doomed at some point. See, foreigners who come to your country, bring their ways with them. Then they take over careers and run for local office and they disobey laws and replace them with their old ways of what they think the law should be.

    • Avatar photo Steve Payne says:

      Sharon: I assume you are talking about all the Canadian entertainers we relentlessly keep sending south of the border? It’s a serious issue, I know. I realize you don’t want Martin Short or Jim Carrey, or Drake or Justin Bieber, bring their “ways” into the U.S. mainstream. But it’s too late!

  11. B.Ziebart says:

    I was born in Canada , 68 tears of age . Personally I have lost respect for politicians be it provincial or federal, Its to bad we can’t make them live on a $20,000 yearly income which is been generous , for 2 years so that they learn the art of budgeting like the vast majority of Canadians. The taxes go up just about every year, that been said my bank account is dwindling , a couple more increases and i’ll be forced to sell and by a much smaller place to be able to survive out my life with out resorting to eating dog food. If they didn’t waist our money they wouldn’t have to keep raising our taxes. I hope in their next life they come back as peons thats just how they make me feel.

  12. Mike Muschik says:

    I am terrified by what I see happening to Canada with anti free speech laws and banning some books. Canada is seriously at communist doorsteps (and) unless the Canadian people wake up, Canada will become a communist country. I am 52 years old and the changes I have seen in Canada since 2015 are very disturbing.

  13. Michael Pelley says:

    Any Canadians from 2021 find themselves here, after Googling “Canada has become communist”?

  14. Kenneth Gray says:

    Freedom left Canada a long time ago. Our political system denies freedom. The government has to much power and those that work in the government think of themselves as God. The government is trying to legistrate everything thus removing freedom. Our politicians are dictators not servents. The government is supposed to be for the people yet is only for itself.
    Thanks and God bless you, in Jesus holy name, Amen.

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