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WSIB’s $12.3-million funding of Ontario Federation of Labour is a ‘slush fund,’ MPP alleges

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An audit of the WSIB funding of the OFL has said "the link to (accident) prevention is weak." MPP Randy Hillier calls it a "slush fund."

Ontario’s WSIB has provided, since 2003, a $12.3-million “slush fund” to the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL), the PC party’s labour critic alleged March 24 during question period at Queen’s Park.

The WSIB has said that it provided the money for the union collective to train workers and help prevent accidents.

But MPP Randy Hillier, a licensed construction electrician, quoted a KPMG audit that said of the funding: “the link to prevention is weak.”

“There has never been any oversight of this fund whatsoever, no applications, no reporting and zero value for money,” Hillier said in supplementary questions to PC minister of labour Kevin Flynn. “KPMG has told you that this program is worthless. It’s just a slush fund for the OFL, and it’s political pressure on your ministry that is keeping that slush fund going.”


The Canadian Press wire story is here.

A YouTube video of the exchanges between Hillier and Flynn is here.


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4 Comments » for WSIB’s $12.3-million funding of Ontario Federation of Labour is a ‘slush fund,’ MPP alleges
  1. Questo says:

    Great Honourable MPP Randy Hillier,

    How many more founds like this are in short circuit?

    As you are electrician, should ask these crooks what kind of short circuit this found were exposed? Maybe three phase you know!

    Its scandal after scandal with no end of it, enough people of Ontario wake up, these crooks need to be removed out of queens park, many ways it can be done peacefully, no violence its need it.

    Some of these are neurotics, unable to recognise some parts of their own bodies what their use for, and want to convince the population with their new sex ed bs, charlantans.

    Apparently they only have destructive means on their heads in all shapes and forms, this needs to end people, they are sick should seek treatment. Apparently their pride is what drives them, and the results are very clear for all to see.

    These Liberals were and still a failure, and are failing apart, maybe just maybe some of these founds were used to electoral campaign for these crooks, last election, which I still believe was a caccon.

    Its sad for those which these founds suppose to help may never reach them. If that’s the case the Ontario funnel liberals, OFL, should be funnel backwards, and fraud charges applied.

  2. Red Forneri says:

    Here in Ontario, when on WSIB, they have you apply for CPP disability. Once you apply for CPP disability, WSIB takes dollar for dollar for what ever you receive for CPP disability. Example: WSIB claimant is receiving $2,000.00 dollars a month from WSIB. Once the WSIB claimant applies for CPP disability and let’s say the WSIB claimant gets $1,000.00 from CPP disability. WSIB takes a thousand dollars off the WSIB claimants monthly WSIB income. So WISB injured claimant is receiving the same as before. Ontario Government law, allows this to happen. BUT…I’m guessing it’s not legal what the Ontario Government did.
    Try and stay with me. 😉 There was a Class Action WSIB claimants versus WSIB, concerning the above out EAST…the WSIB claimants received all the monies back when WSIB clawed their WSIB back dollar for dollar once receiving CPP disability. Class Action resulted in a 4 million dollar pay out for the WSIB claimants in that province out East.

    Anyone familiar with what I just said? or aware of the Class Action Law Suit out East?

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