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Brynna Leslie   

CertainTeed receives environmental product validation

Canadian Contractor drywall environmental construction formaldehyde-free green building gypsum board

U.S.-based CertainTeed has met an environmental milestone.

The company announced on November 1 that it is the first manufacturer to complete the UL Environmental Claim Validation (ECV) process for its full line of gypsum products.

UL Environmental is a privately-run safety science company, which is known to test, certify, validate and audit products across a number of industries and countries for safety and environmental standards. UL visited 13 of CertainTeed’s manufacturing sites across the US and Canada.

CertainTeed’s products were measured on level of recycled content, use of regional materials, and mould resistance. The company also received validation for “permanent formaldehyde absorption capacity” for using an industry-specific AirRenew®, a gypsum board that uses VOC-scavenging technology to improve indoor air quality.

“We have worked with the construction and building industry for decades and are proud to facilitate greater accessibility to environmental products and bring clarity to their claims in the marketplace,” said Sara Greenstein, president of UL Environment.


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