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Plumbing company's website wins a prize for being so bad

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"I do not like our website," says Mike Shipp, who runs a plumbing company in Ingersoll and Woodstock, ON. "It has nothing to keep people there and interested." Now that is about to change, thanks to OutRank by Rogers.

Mike Shipp is glad that his plumbing company’s website has been, historically, bad.

Because the site has been so bad, it’s now going to rock. The new website for Jim Shipp Plumbing (Jim, Mike’s father, was the founder) is soon going to show up right near the top of future Google searches when customers in the Ingersoll and Woodstock, ON areas go looking online for plumbing services.

How is this turnaround happening?

Well, Mike’s firm is the winner of our recent Bad Website contest sponsored by OutRank by Rogers. Jim Shipp Plumbing wins a brand new website from OutRank, plus website optimization services for 3 months. These services are valued at over $1,500!

What didn’t Mike like about his old site?

A lot!

In his contest entry, Mike said: “I do not like our website because the name is too long and has too many p’s ( And the picture does not reflect us totally. We also do heating and air conditioning. I have no real good pictures of bathroom renos or our showroom.”

Mike was just so frustrated. “I’m getting tired of telling everybody there’s 3 p’s. The site has nothing to keep people there and interested.”

OutRank by Rogers will fix Mike’s website up a treat. And get it up the rankings on Google. (After all, as the joke goes:  “Q. Where’s the best place to hide a dead body? A. The second page of Google!”)

At the end of three months, Mike has the opportunity to continue with OutRank’s services or not. We bet he will. But even if he doesn’t, he will get to keep the website and the URL that OutRank will build for him.

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