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All About Fasteners Episode 11: Using A7+ adhesive to install a threaded rod in concrete

This short video explains why a contractor might want to use a chemical bond (adhesive) to install anchors.

In this short video, Andrea Galindo, Technical Specialist for ITW Construction Products Canada, demonstrates the correct way to use Red Head A7+ Quick-Cure Adhesive to install a threaten rod in concrete.

Why might a contractor want to use a chemical bond – like adhesive – to fasten anchors into concrete or masonry? Why not just place them mechanically?

As Andrea explains, some of the benefits of chemical (adhesive) bonds are: Potentially higher strength bonds (depending on the substrate), closer spacing between anchors, placement closer to the edge of the material, and installation in damp or even saturated conditions – among other benefits. (For technical specs for A7+ please visit the manufacturer’s website here.)


For a basic description of the difference between mechanical and chemical bonds for anchors, please see the preceding Episode 10 video here.

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