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All About Fasteners Episode 11: Using A7+ adhesive to install a threaded rod in concrete

This short video explains why a contractor might want to use a chemical bond (adhesive) to install anchors.

January 31, 2019
By canadiancontractor

In this short video, Andrea Galindo, Technical Specialist for ITW Construction Products Canada, demonstrates the correct way to use Red Head A7+ Quick-Cure Adhesive to install a threaten rod in concrete.

Why might a contractor want to use a chemical bond – like adhesive – to fasten anchors into concrete or masonry? Why not just place them mechanically?

As Andrea explains, some of the benefits of chemical (adhesive) bonds are: Potentially higher strength bonds (depending on the substrate), closer spacing between anchors, placement closer to the edge of the material, and installation in damp or even saturated conditions – among other benefits. (For technical specs for A7+ please visit the manufacturer’s website here.)


For a basic description of the difference between mechanical and chemical bonds for anchors, please see the preceding Episode 10 video here.

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