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Free mobile app for renovators offers easy-to-use project management

Steve Payne   


GC Reno ( is the brainchild of Montreal tech entrepreneur Randy Margalith, whose family has been in the residential construction industry for decades

The last time Canadian Contractor checked, only a small minority of our 30,000 residential contractor subscribers used one of the “big” construction management software systems.

Why do so few renovators and custom homebuilders use one of  these “enterprise” business/construction management systems? After all, they’ve been on the market for at least 25 years.

According to Randy Margalith, the creator of a new, free app called GC RENO, it’s not that these well-known systems aren’t good.


They ARE good!

But they are too complicated for many users who are coming to these systems for the first time, Randy believes.

“They have lots of features and they have many platforms, so why aren’t more contractors using them?” Randy says he asked himself when he set out to create GC RENO. “Many contractors just aren’t at that level of complexity” was his conclusion.

GC RENO takes contractors immediately into the world of renovation project management on your phone, with all of the basic tools, without deluging you with layers and layers of confusion.

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