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All About Fasteners, Episode 2: Concrete Pins (VIDEO)



Rob Koci talks with Gustavo Angola, Technical Specialist at ITW, about the correct installation of concrete pins in bottom plate applications.

In this episode of All About Fasteners, Rob Koci is joined by Gustavo Angola, Technical Specialist at ITW Construction Products Canada. Rob and Gustavo discuss the differences between concrete pins and concrete screws – and Rob demonstrates the correct depth placement of pins on a bottom plate using a Ramset COBRA.

“Pins allow you to be more efficient, more productive, and to do more linear feet on your bottom plate,” says Gustavo. “For this application, you want the pin to penetrate 5/8″ to 1″ – that’s the sweet spot.”

The quality of the pins you are using matters a LOT. ITW brand pins have a very high quality of steel providing maximum hardness and – crucially important – consistency in the shape of the point, minimizing spalling and cracking of the concrete.



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  1. Richard McGuigan says:

    Did anyone proof read this? He didn’t say you could do a “leaner feed” (whatever that means) he said “Linear feet”… as in productivity…. more linear feet per minute….

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