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How to Generate Leads, Part 1: Twelve things you should NOT do (VIDEO)

This is the first in a 5-part series of short videos sponsored by HomeStars

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February 19, 2018 by canadiancontractor


In this short video Steve and Rob go through the “Dirty Dozen” list of contractor behaviours, based on research by HomeStars, that are almost guaranteed to lower your chances of getting referrals or good reviews.

They are:

  1. Not showing up
  2. Invoice higher without explanation
  3. Disrespect the prospect/customer/their family
  4. Didn’t clean up afterwards
  5. Hard upsell
  6. No in-person quote
  7. Last minute back-out
  8. Deposit too large
  9. Unqualified “trades”
  10. Warranty not honoured
  11. Delivery time periods not honoured
  12. Endlessly back-ordered materials




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1 Comment » for How to Generate Leads, Part 1: Twelve things you should NOT do (VIDEO)
  1. Casey Edge says:

    Of the dozen, the top half are communication issues that could be easily addressed by making good communication a priority.