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IKO Contractors Talk: Interview with Dave “Tell It Like It Is” Anderchek, Saskatoon (VIDEO)



It's hard to think of a renovation contractor in Canada who is more outspoken in his opinions than Dave Anderchek. In this video, Dave pulls no punches explaining why he dramatically downsized his firm.

For almost 28 years, Dave Anderchek operated as a renovation contractor (JABA Construction since 2000) in Saskatoon. At its peak, JABA had some 25 staff and well over $3-million in revenues. Along the way, Dave Anderchek became well known as one of the most outspoken contractors Canadian Contractor has ever interviewed – which we have done frequently. Dave has no fear about telling uncomfortable truths about “difficult” customers, fly-by-night competitors, and – his favourite – DIYers who create terrible problems for their homes by botching up projects they were grossly unqualified to attempt.

But in this wide-ranging interview with Rob Koci, Dave talks about why he recently decided to downsize his once significant business to two part-time employees and himself in a downtown Saskatoon office. Nowadays, while he still does renovation projects for long-standing clients, he prefers to work as a reno consultant (, problem-solving for contractors and their homeowners customers who have come up across conflicts or technical problems that need an experienced third-party intervention.

Why Dave decided to wind most of JABA’s operations down makes for a great video. Dave is charmingly blunt about…

  • Customers who don’t know what their budgets are and have no intention of telling you.
  • Customers who simply want you to do the work to price out a job they fully intend to (a) shop to unqualified competitors or (b) do themselves.
  • Customers who bring you in to bail them out from jobs they have attempted to do with incompetent competitors, without permits, creating serious structural issues.
  • The problems created for legitimate contractors by Saskatchewan’s boom times, which attracted hundreds of “instant contractors” with inadequate training and experience.
  • The need for certification of renovation contractors in Saskatchewan – and indeed in every province.
  • The almost total ignorance of too many renovation contractors when it comes to how they will have to modify how the building under fast-developing “Net Zero Energy Ready” building code changes that will create extremely tight and energy-efficient structures.
  • And many, many more issues which Dave discusses with – as is his trademark – total candour and often startling frankness.

We think it’s a great interview for any working contractor to watch. Enjoy!

This episode of Contractors Talk was brought to you by IKO.





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