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Got a bad review on HomeStars? Read this interview with their CEO on what NOT to do about it

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HomeStars won't help you out with getting bad reviews taken down, simply because you advertise with them.

We are working on an article about online contractor review sites, including the market-leader in Canada (based on our research), HomeStars.

A few weeks ago, the Globe and Mail published  a very revealing interview with the founder and CEO of HomeStars, Nancy Peterson.

In the interview she talked about the “Chinese Wall” that her company keeps in place between advertisers (you, the contractor) and the reviews from the homeowner.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you give HomeStars money, they aren’t going to take down any negative reviews of your work from clients – even if you think they are really unfair.


If you bully the homeowner over a review, and they ask HomeStars to take the review down, because you’ve intimidated them, HomeStars will put a comment that says “Removed By the Homeowner.”  According to Peterson, in the interview, “that’s a really strong signal.”  Peterson didn’t complete the thought (a signal saying what?), but most of us can figure out what she’s telling the homeowner in this interview: There might be issues with this contractor.

If you are on HomeStars, or are thinking of listing with them, this interview is a must read.


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