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Site Tips, Episode 6: How to construct the perfect 10 x 10 bedroom



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Got a client with a small space that they want you to turn into a guest bedroom?

Watch this video!

When it comes to designing for tight spaces, no one is a better expert than our colleague Kim Krückl.


Kim is a real estate investor and also a designer with a number of YouTube videos under her Stiletto Renos moniker.

Or follow Kim on Instagram, @stiletto_renos.

In this video, Kim gives Rob some direction on how to construct twin closets (yes, two!) in a 10 ft. x 10 ft. bedroom.

With the deft use of cubby holes and wall sconces, this room will wow your client.

Got a Site Tip for us? Email your idea to If we use it in a video like this one, we will send you a $50 gas card!

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