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Toronto contractor Paul Gallop on how he obtained training funds (VIDEO)

Paul was able to train not only his contractors on site, but his salespeople and designers, with subsidies

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April 5, 2019 by Steve Payne

Training for your renovation firm’s staff. Everybody likes to talk about it.

But talk is cheap.

Not only do you have to take people away from their day-to-day responsibilities to train them, really good training costs real money.

While we, as an industry, often complain about government bureaucracies and endless taxes and fees, sometimes the government can actually help. (Just once in a while, you know?)

Take Paul Gallop, for example.

His Toronto-based firm, Men At Work Design Build Inc., identified a need for training several years ago. Paul decided to go ahead and put a few programs in place. He brought in renovation industry personnel from the United States to do the training – and was able to access some funds from something called the “Canada-Ontario Job Grants Program” to defray significant costs.

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Steve Payne

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