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Spray foam disaster

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Noreen and Bob in Calgary shared photos of their lovely new storage barn, completely destroyed by a spray foam contractor who clearly did not know what they are doing. Noreen doubts the stuff will ever dry and says the barrels they left behind were issued in Oct. 2019 with a three-month expiry date. She also says the fumes made her sick and she wonders how companies can be entrusted to use such noxious chemicals without any certification. She found out too late that the company lacks insurance to cover fixing the work. Noreen says they’ve been quoted an amount to fix the job that exceeds the price of the building.

Work like this makes our industry look bad! Perhaps we should be doing what we can to promote CUFCA, the Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association. They certify contractors and provide a quality program for them to follow. They also maintain an online database of licensed contractor members.


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8 Comments » for Spray foam disaster
  1. david Cousens says:

    Article fails to mention that they may have also choose the lowest price for job! $$ over due diligence never wins.

    • This story, and most stories like this one, happen because the home owner is his/her own general and takes lowest price without looking into who or what they just hired. Most times when a company is much cheaper than the average something smells like inexperience.

  2. Randy says:

    Plbg & Htg Contractor here: When I had a spray foam job I wanted done, ( A 1000 sq ft addition to our house) there was a friend we knew very well that was in the sprayfoam business that we got to do it. We knew that they had the training and certification from the supplier company. Not everyone has this kind of info. There were other outfits that did this same work that were a little cheaper, but I was confident of these guys work and quality. So, my advice is get the background and the references of the contractors you hire! As humans we do make mistakes but this kind is unacceptable. Note: A reputable outfit will fix their mistakes and have insurance for acceptable failures. With our work we try to weed out the cheapo’s. It costs money to provide good service!!

  3. Josh says:

    Maybe we can help them clean it up. Josh Cotner –844-work-247

  4. Marten says:

    So many questions
    Were they paid?
    Have they been contacted to come and fix or finish there work?
    Have they called the BBB?
    Why did they pick this contractor?
    How would they know he has no insurance?
    Why did he leave material behind?
    Maybe more but that is a start.

  5. Foam Sprayer says:

    There is numerous third party quality assurance programs other than CUFCA. The problem is that the contractor who used uncertified material is liable. Distributors that sell material need to be sure to educate the contractors on where and what projects they can use it on. All of that aside this contractor was clearly poorly trained or not trained or certified at all.

    Like most services that are provided by companies this is a case of a job gone bad. Anyone who runs a company should know better then to leave a site like this. And if an issue arises they should be morally obligated to right the wrong. Unfortunately not everyone who runs a business feels that way.

  6. Andrew Cole says:

    We agree that proper training and certification are key to developing a strong and professional industry. CUFCA has been doing Installer Training and Certification for the past 36 years. We are proud of our members and have built in complaint resolution mechanisms for Customers with quality concerns. Thanks for the mention in the article.

  7. Roh says:

    These contractors should be contacted and brought back to the job to clean up and fix it at there own expense..
    This is not right.

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