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To win more proposals you have to be looking at your proposal from the eyes of the homeowner.

There is a saying in sales that goes like this “ If you want to know how Mr Jones buys, then you have to look at sales from Mr Jones’s eyes.”  To win more proposals you have to be looking at your proposal from the eyes of the homeowner.  Homeowners are not experts in construction so you have to give them details.  However, if you are like most contractors you are swamped and don’t have much free time to be writing detailed proposals.

The problem here is that the homeowner will have trouble making a buying decision if they don’t have all the information they need to make a decision to move ahead with your proposal.  Without the information, they are left to make a decision that will either be based on price or they will choose a proposal from another contractor who has provided all the information they need.

Homeowners buy from those contractors they feel will give them the best overall value and that reduce the homeowner’s risk.  Sure, there are some that only buy on price, so you have to really ask yourself if that is your ideal client or should you pass on them.  You want to be selling that you provide the best overall value to the homeowner.  In doing so you will need to provide a complete proposal which details – who your company is, your expertise, how you will carry out their renovation, your timelines, who will be the “go to” person in your organization the homeowner will interface with and finally your written guarantee.

The bottom line: Spend the extra time on your proposals to provide the complete package and you will win more business.


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