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Wondering whom to ask about asbestos – UPDATE

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Leona wants to know how to find out if contractors doing asbestos removal are doing it right. Justin says don’t assume they are. Leona, we think your best bet is to call WorkSafeBC and get their advice.

My new neighbour has done asbestos removal in his apartment which is next to mine. He said he has a certificate for asbestos removal. I am wondering what the regulations are for this kind of job. I am also worried that asbestos is floating around the building due to what he has done. He did not post anything to let people know he was doing this. Do I call the city or worksafe with my concerns? I live in Vancouver.

– Leona

Yeah….I know a few people that are “certified” in some way too. If there was asbestos removal completed in the apartment next to yours, you should have noticed activity of some sort as there is a process, that actual professionals would follow. The type of material and how friable the fibres are, constitutes the removal method and measures which must be taken to safeguard the area. I would definitely look into this further with your landlord and authorities in your area. His actions may be a tempest in a tea pot or something that requires a thorough clean up by actual professionals

– Justin


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